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Aug 3, 2013 06:01 PM

Rite Spice Jamaican Lynn

Stopped off on our way back from Salem today and was glad we found this gem. Ordered the Oxtail, Rice n Peas with Steam Veg. Oxtail was hands down the best I have had in Boston, Rice n Peas was solid, could have used a little more coconut milk but a solid taste with the Oxtail gravy.

The menu seems big with some interesting options like Jerk and Escoveitch Fish which I plan of trying next visit. The Oxtail alone is worth the trip.

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  1. matt, gotta check this out; thnx. Have you been to La Fe for their roast seasoned pork and sides? I love their pigeon peas rice,habichuelas (stewed beans) and eggplant and okra dishes.

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      Haven't had a chance to try La Fe yet, but it is on my list. I am hardly in Lynn and when I am I typically end up at Jamaica Flavor to scratch my cow foot and mannish water itch.

      1. Always wanted to try that place. Thx.

        1. Thanks for the recommendation. Tried the oxtail and browned chicken with gravy and both were delicious. Looking forward to their patties and jerk pork and chicken as well as curried goat.

          1. You have to go on Saturdays for the curry crab! I've tasted around. They only serve this on Saturday's and it is usually gone by 3pm!! Oxtail and the jerk chicken are also top notch! A little slice of heaven in Lynn!