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Aug 3, 2013 03:42 PM

Petty Cash on Beverly

Went there last night. have to say, wasn't really excited to try it out, even though it's in my hood. I'm perfectly happy with Esquela being my neighborhood Mexican/taqueria/small plate haven. Glad to report that my misgivings were misguided! I had

house margarita---it was perfect, not too sour, not too sweet. Made exactly how I like it, and I'm not sure I could make it better. Not too pricey, either, at $10.

Fresh Guacamole, really good, not too salty, big creamy chunks of avocado

Cheesy Churros-light, crunchy churros with parmesan, and a green corn dipping sauce (these were great-just extremely unhealthy :) the corn dipping sauce tasted like creamed corn, which I love.)

Dorados-skin-on new potato taquitos, covered with (I think) the same green corn sauce, cabbage, cotija cheese, and pickled onions. They were soooo good. 3 to an order, and were pretty filling

Bunuelos-kind of like cinnamon sugar donut holes, sitting in a bowl of chocolate sauce. These were sinfully delicious, light and fluffy and hot. I will say, though, that there is no need for that much chocolate. It's like two cups of chocolate for about 6 little donut holes.

That was PLENTY of food for two, we both left completely stuffed. All that, plus a total of 3 margaritas, came to around $63 before tip. We probably didn't need the dessert, but my friend really wanted me to try it. And it was awesome. And try out their salsas that are sitting on the table-I didn't try the red, because it's really hot, but the green was OH SO GOOD!!!

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  1. Just to clarify: you had drinks and dessert for $63 + tip?

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      Drinks, dessert, and three items (Doratos, Cheesy Churros, and Guac) for $63 before tip.

    2. Oh, yeah, and our server (Molly? Something like that) was terrific.

      1. We tried Petty Cash last night before going to the Bowl, and I completely agree with your assessment - it's a great place! It now occupies my #1 position for hipster Mexican, edging out Tinga. The guacamole is excellent - very fresh with perfectly balanced flavors. The tacos (carne asada, pork belly carnitas, and al pastor) were also great, with al pastor being the clear favorite. We also had the crispy brussels sprouts, which were very good, although I didn't like them as much as similar preparations at a few others places (like TLT). Everything tasted fresh and great quality. Our waiter was also a real pro. My only complaint would be that it's REALLY loud - but where isn't these days? A little hearing loss is a small price to pay for great guac.