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Aug 3, 2013 03:01 PM

Frozen baked ziti

I recently made some baked ziti and froze about 4 portions. When I cooked the ziti I made sure to boil it for only about 5 minutes, but despite that the ziti was really over cooked when I reheated the frozen portions. I'm wondering about making my next batch with raw ziti. Has anyone tried this?

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  1. Are you sure it was overcooked or was it gummy/starchy? When I make Hazan's lasagna I cook the noodles for seconds in boiling water, plunge into an ice bath, rub 'em around. That removes some of the starch. Just a thought.

    1. In my opinion freezing contributes to a mushy pasta dish. I would try replacing the dish with a non tubular macaroni such as gemeli,rotini, fusili etc. and undercook it. Also you may want to rinse the pasta chilling it down.