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Aug 3, 2013 01:44 PM

Making my first Salmon Nicoise - Do you have any advice?

Are there any particular recipes that tickle you?

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    1. re: Googs

      That looks good and Ina's recipes are pretty foolproof. I would only say that I would always dress the potatoes while they are hot so they soak up the dressing. CH suzigirl recently posted that she sprinkled some apple cider vinegar on potatoes during the steaming phase and they made the best potato salad ever. Please report back, however you end up making it. This month's Dish of the Month is Composed Salads and this is a classic example! (See link in tiny pale blue type at top of Home Cooking page.)

      1. re: Googs

        I made this last week, using tuna. I had haricots verts & tomatoes from the garden. I like a creamy dressing so I added a little mayo to the recipe for the dressing.

        1. re: Googs

          Are things sounding like they are fighting with each other rather than a nice counterpoint?
          Consider a tarragon or dill dressing, and also to cut down on the amount of oil and dilute. If you do this, consider changing the greens to something such as Bibb. Go from the salmon, not the anchovies.

          If the anchovies are not pink, forget them and then my suggestion is stronger. Green olives are unusual in this salad; I wonder why they are in the recipe- what they are to go against or balance. Was the author thinking of what is available in cans in supermarkets? I suggest both black and green, but get ones worthy of the dish. Go to Wadi for a selection.

          Any Nicoise depends on good ingredients cooked to the proper degree. If the ingredients are nice, your Nicoice will be fine as your recipe stands, notwithstanding. Its a bunch of good stuff!
          At what temperature do you intend to serve the salad?

          Oh yeah. Just to be sure. Get the little anchovies in oil, not the big ones in salt. We used to go to a good French restaurant (in Toronto), French owner, apprenticed at the age of 14 or15. Beautiful salad Nicoise. But one day one of his cooks made one and used the big salted anchovies. Duh.... It was unpalatable. The owner was so surprised that he laughed.
          If it can happen in his kitchen it can happen in anyone's.

          1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

            aren't small black Nicoise olives the ones used in this salad?

            1. re: robt5265

              Yes, but the recipe referred to has been redone and I am trying to work within the new recipe's concept.
              One more step away from Nice and I can call it Salade Polonaise. Using beets, smoked fish (carp?) and maslanka (a yoghurt thing) along with the salmon are in mind.
              Working on the greens. The arugula is going but how do I use sorrel?

              1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                From the internet

                Sorrel pairings:

                - Sorrel + fish (especially fatty fish, such as salmon -- seek out a sustainable source -- or mackerel)
                - Sorrel + shellfish (especially scallops, same comment as for salmon)
                - Sorrel + cream or butter
                - Sorrel + bacon
                - Sorrel + potatoes
                - Sorrel + rice
                - Sorrel + lentils
                - Sorrel + celeriac
                - Sorrel + leafy greens (spinach, Swiss chard, kale)
                - Sorrel + eggs
                - Sorrel + chicken or veal
                - Sorrel + mustard
                - Sorrel + goat cheese

                Sorrel uses:

                - Add to soups
                - Make it into a sauce for fish
                - Add to omelets and scrambled eggs
                - Add to a stuffing for meat
                - Shred sorrel and stuff it into fish
                - Add to quiches
                - Add to mashed potatoes
                - Add to hummus
                - Add to pasta
                - Add to mixed-leaf and herb salads
                - Add to chard and spinach anywhere you would use those
                - Use as a filling for buckwheat crêpes
                - Make it into a pesto, to use in pasta, on pizzas, or with grilled salmon

                Recipe ideas:
                - Salmon with sorrel, a legendary dish originally invented by the Troisgros brothers in Roanne in 1973
                - Baked line-caught seabass with beurre blanc and sorrel
                - Chop sorrell into a butter sauce to go with salmon fishcakes.
                - Pair with salmon, mustard seeds and raspberries.
                - Hot sorrel soup, with leeks, dill and sour cream
                - Soup of fresh shelling beans and sorrel
                - Green borscht
                - Chilled sorrel soup with plain yogurt and lemon (a.k.a. schav in Yiddish)
                - Lightly sauté in butter with shallots, deglaze with sherry, then mix all with goat cheese and use as an omelet filling.
                - Chicken and sorrel sandwich with fresh mayonnaise
                - Toss into mixed-leaf salads, with a relatively sweet dressing, and optional goat cheese crumbled on top.
                - Chopped sorrel with black beans or lentils for a cold salad
                - Warm potato and salmon salad with sorrel vinaigrette
                - A salad of white peaches and sorrel
                - Charlotte potato salad with wilted sorrel, yogurt and some freshly grated horseradish and chives
                - Rice with sorrel and lemon, served as a side to fish
                - Chop with an onion, garlic and mushrooms. Sauté lightly in butter and stuff a chicken.
                - Pan sear with butter, and pair with a thin piece of veal in a port reduction, with a very light sprinkling of sumac.
                - Fried beans with sorrel, feta and sumac from the second Ottolenghi book, Plenty
                - Add to spanakopita.
                - Sauté briefly in olive oil and mix with almond butter and salt, to accompany mushrooms (crisp bacon optional).
                - Sorrel spinach pesto with pumpkin seeds
                - Sprinkle sorrel, chiffonaded or gently melted into frying butter, on fresh pasta. Grate a little lemon zest on top.
                - Toss some penne with sorrel, red onion, mint and garlic.

        2. Here's Gordon Ramsey's version... if you google there are 3 short u-tube videos.... I looked delicious on TV.... I haven't made it..

              1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

       that nicoise with salmon instead of tuna?

            1. I haven't followed any recipes to a T, but I like to add fresh basil when I make Nicoise, and I usually use white balsamic or white wine vinegar. This recipe looks good to me.

              1. The recipe you linked for looks fine other than the general weirdness of salmon and calling the anchovy optional and green olives. Yuck. Good olives and anchovies are key. Good tomatoes and good tuna make it better. And for god's sakes don't overcook the eggs.

                I do a plater with just hard boiled eggs, ripe tomato, nicoise olives with the pits in, blanched haricot vert, potatoes tossed with a little of the vinaigrette. Sometimes I add a little lettuce but I think watercress would be too strong.

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                1. re: JudiAU

                  Hey Jude, lets collaborate and put together a good recipe for Salade Polonaise. Suggestion, maybe we can use pollock somehow on the plate? We won't make it bad!