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Red Bank cocktails?

Looking for suggestions for good places to have drinks with the wife.

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  1. Two of my favorites are Red and the Bar at Nicholas.

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      I think these are both good spots. The bar at Red can be especially pleasant when the weather is nice and you are able to get one of the tables in the front window.

      As to Nicholas, I would only add to the OP that the restaurant is in Middletown - across the river. Consequently, you don't have that downtown vibe to enjoy or the ability to walk around if that is part of what might be drawing you to RB.

      Another place to consider is the Bar at the Molly Pitcher. Dim and cozy. Nice leather chairs at the tables. Pretty good waterview. The fries make a great snack and stomach coater.

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        OK, fair enough re: Nicholas and Mtown. But is anyone actually doing interesting cocktails in Red Bank? Teak had some infused gin ( i think) that was pretty interesting a while ago, but I have not been there in many months.

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          Red is the only place I know of, maybe Char has jumped on that bandwagon by now. It's not really something I know that much about as my typical cocktail order is either a "Nick Charles era" Martini or tequila or whiskey neat.

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            Char has added nothing to Red Bank in any form.

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                  Looks can be deceiving. Char is horrible.

      2. Red Bank has a lot to offer perhaps if you gave us an idea as to what type of scene your looking for we could guide you better.

        1. I enjoy Taste in the Galleria for drinks and quiet conversation.

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            Depending on the night and time you go to Taste. They have live music Thurs-Sat (I think) and the place is anything but quiet when then.

            If the OP is looking for quiet they should try Danny's directly across the street for Taste. I'm not actually recommending or suggesting Danny's, I'm just saying it will be quiet because they will probably be the only people in the place!!

          2. I know that you asked for Red Bank, but why not look to Asbury Park? Go on a night when there isn't a show at the Pony and do the Watermark.

            Do a Weds or Thurs nite (instead of the weekends when it gets voluminously packed).

            1. The bar in Buona Sera can be a decent spot for a drink with Mrs. B as well. It's certainly a more "grown-up" spot than many in town. Not sure if they have hopped on the "mixology" trend yet, but I've had a coupla tasty Negronis there over the years.

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                This is why I asked Banjo man what exactly he was looking for. While you are 100% correct about Buona being a good spot, I dare not suggest he takes his wife there on a Friday or Saturday night. Buona becomes the back ground for the track The Freaks Come Out At Night....on Friday and Saturday nights.

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                  Exactly JV....Which is why I suggested a 'quieter' Thursday or Wednesday nite. I cringe when I've walked by the circus that is Bueno Suera on the weekend should I be hoofin it to the Basie.

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                    I guess it's because I'm too old to be out past six on a weekend night. Hell, from Memorial Day 'til the Ides of September, I don't go out on Friday or Saturday nights at all.

              2. Just back from trip to San Fran (trip report on SF board) or ida replied sooner.

                Agreed on Red, Teak, and Bar N, and also nearby to Red, The Downtown has good drinks too.

                Surprised nobody mentioned Jamian's. Always one of the best bars in town and now you can get their excellent pulled pork sandwich off the menu instead of waiting for it to be on special.

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                  Jamian's is a place I like to go to in town for a craft beer or three, but the hipster vibe can dampen an quiet night out with the Mrs.

                  By the way, I looked at your SF post. I ate at both Lers Ros and Bar Crudo last time there myself. I actually liked Lers better and wound up getting delivery from them a couple nights after our visit.

                  I thought Crudo was "OK" and the prices were great. I guess I might have been a bit soured by the guy next to us (at one of those two small tables in the front window) arranging his plates to photograph each one - repeatedly. He eventually asked he could shoot what the waitress had delivered to our table. I answered without words and he eventually settled down. Funny how that kind of nonsense can sometimes bitter the tastebuds.

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                    Did you get the scallops at Bar Crudo? Second only to Joel Robuchon as my favorite raw scallop ever. And the uni? Loved the balance of flavors.

                    LR was fine but the way they talk it up on the SF board you'd think it was a trip to Thailand.

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                      We did enjoy the scallops very much. Our apartment wasn't very far from the restaurant and had talked of going back - next trip I guess.

                      We were also a pretty short, downhill walk from the Toronado. Highlight of the trip for me was gettin' pissed on Pliny in there, watchin' the Giants beat the Phillies in an NLCS game. Grabbin' sausages - three times - from the joint next door. Such a blast. Then, we realized, the hard way, that an exhilarating downhill walk when hungry and sober can turn into an exhausting uphill walk when stuffed and drunk.

                2. I like the bar at the Molly Pitcher in the fall.

                  1. Teak on Monmouth Street has a lovely cubby with red couches and Asian decor. Taste in the Galleria also has couch seating in a dimly lit atmosphere - some nights they have live music. Cosmopolitains tend to be sweet anymore so I've switched to Bourbon Manhattans.