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Lodge Mini Cast Iron

My husband bought me several Lodge mini cast iron pans as a sixth anniversary gift. They are oval and round, about 6 inches in diameter. I'm looking for ideas on how to use these. Thank you in advance for any advice and ideas!

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  1. Cast iron that size is commonly used for baking and serving individual casseroles. Mac&cheese and pot pies come to mind. I think they'd also be charming for making and serving
    egg/meat/potato breakfasts.

    1. I used mine for potatoes anna and rosti.

      1. <about 6 inches in diameter>

        You sure they are not 5"?


        Spoon rest. :)

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          I have one even smaller, that is an ashtray. Without going downstairs, I'd guess 3". Not used anymore for it's original purpose, but can't bring myself to throw it away.

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            Yeah, there is this tiny one. Lodge launches these mini cast iron cookware (if you can call the 3" cookware) at the same time as the Lodge Signature.


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              Mine actually said it was an ashtray. The little pouring spouts on mine are much more elongated.

              Unfortunately it was used as such, so I don't think I'll be cooking in it anytime soon.

        2. love mine!

          corn bread
          breakfasts in bed- tie a bandana around the handel if it is hot
          serving roasted nuts in
          soooo fun

          1. Our favorite restaurant roasts cauliflower with Calabrian chiles with some oo.

            1. Hi, Skamper:

              I suggest butter-shirred eggs and Gruyère on Calabrian ham.


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                The ones I have are way too shallow for that.

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                      That's funny. The next time you're visiting, try the "prep" at Le Pichet. Bring a ruler.

              2. OMG ! My only large fry pan is cast iron, love it ! Blacken fish/meat is awesome. First, be sure to "season" the pan before use, keep them oiled. And good call girloftheworld my 10" pan is perfect for double batch of corn bread...yum

                1. I've been wanting to find some small oval or round pans for making "my" tomato pie recipe that I've been wanting to make in individual sized servings. Do you think your pans would be deep enough for that? Here's a link to the recipe: http://www.agardenforthehouse.com/201...

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                    Eating acidic food from naked cast iron will strip the pan's seasoning and give a metallic taste to the food. I make individual 4" tarts with a set of 4 fluted removable bottom tartlet tins from King Arthur Flour, or a nonstick "muffin top" baking pan with 6 shallow 4" diameter wells.

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                      This is sort of the "standard line" on cast iron, but I've never found it to be the case if your cast iron is properly/thoroughly seasoned. I cook with tomatoes, vinegar and other acidic ingredients regularly in my cast iron and have never found it to negatively affect either the seasoning or the flavor.

                  2. Thanks for all of these great ideas! Hmmm...potatoes anna, mac & cheese, breakfast in bed...beginning to suspect ulterior motives!

                    1. I use mine regularly for toasting spices.

                      1. tapas, obviously! Including shrimp and other seafood if you like that, but why not one egg baked on some flavoured mashed potato or some other nice "base"?

                        1. Mallet. I use mine to flatten pork tenderloins and such.

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                            I actually have rubber mallet from a hardware store :)

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                                I do too: I have an ancient one bequeathed to me by an old guy who made wine: he drove the corks in that way, the old-fashioned way.

                            1. I went to a grilling class that heated a small cast iron skillet to sear tuna steaks.

                              That said, I purchased a small cast iron skillet at a thrift store and I don't think I've ever used it.

                              1. just used mine this morning for fried potato cakes, finish in the broiler and served with eggs on top with or without a sauce of choice. Yum factor 8.