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Aug 3, 2013 11:46 AM

Bullied for tip at Best Little Restaurant Chinese in CT [Moved from Boston board]

My foodies & I just returned from a so-so lunch at Best Little Restaurant in CTown. 4 of us. $71 tab after taxes, $66.35 before. We estimated tip based on pre-tax amount and left $12,-- or just under 20%. My 3 mates had just walked upstairs to the street when I was accosted by a waiter with a pen in hand and $7 in the bill folder. In very very little English he started doing some math on a napkin, gesticulating and being loud about needing to leave a 18% tip. After a back and forth that was fruitless, I left another $5 because already other tables were staring at me, and not in a good way. Clearly he could not understand me, and I could not understand him. But I do know one thing: WE WILL NEVER GO TO BEST LITTLE RESTAURANT AGAIN!

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  1. I have seen this happen four times. Once at Kaze in Chinatown, another at Pho Le in Harvard Square and once again at the Rosebud Diner in Somerville. It also happened out of town once at Todai in NYC. I was a little irked by the whoe concept, but I don't think it would stop me from visiting again if I was hungry and that is what I was in the mood for.

    1. Any idea why there was only $7 in the folder if you left $12??? Your post seems to ignore that piece if info.

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        You're guess is as good as mine. I personally counted the money and know that we left $12. However, he was insisting that the tip be based on the total of $71. and on that we disagreed. Still, this kind of behavior is completely unacceptable. If I had had my wits about me, I would have grabbed the $7 and thanked him for his service and walked out! End of discussion.

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          I don't think I'd have been as polite as you were given being sure of the tip amount.

      2. I have had tips mentioned to me by servers 3x in my life.
        I have then taken the tip back, told them to f.u.c.k off and never went back

        1. I have heard of such a thing happening but never witnessed it. I'm sure the others were probably staring at the waiter rather than you and I too would have been horrified but there would be no way I would haven given him any more money!!! What a shame.

          1. The same kind of thing happened to us at a place on Arthur Ave in the Bronx. A touristy kind of place that I won't name. I had a few glasses of wine, so I didn't get upset, but luckily our companion had not and made a big argument, proving the waiter was a thief and a liar. I was embarrassed though, because we had chosen the venue.