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Aug 3, 2013 11:22 AM

Salt Air

Have you tried Salt Air in Venice? Looks good!

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  1. Not yet. It does look good, but I can't justify going now when I'm gonna get my fill of some of that kind of fare back in Rhode Island in a few weeks (

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    1. re: PeterCC

      Lucky you! The seafood here never compares

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        Always looking for Ipswich clams in L A. Connie and Ted's were good but larger than they typically are on the east coast.

        1. re: flowergirl

          Quality seafood at the Redondo Pier has them fresh, live in tanks. They will steam them for you or you can take them home and steam them yourself. Really good. Soak em in water with corn meal to rid them of any sand. Rinse and steam till they open. Have some lemon and butter at the ready.

      2. I have been a few times. Nice addition to the neighborhood with a good bar and friendly service. The pretzel-coated fried oysters were delicious, the lobster roll was good--though not as good as the ones at SofaG or Littlefork--but I would have preferred the corn relish on the side rather than on top (presumably you can ask them to do that for you), the mussels were ok (could have been plumper and needed more broth) and the fish and chips were tasty and well-fried but I prefer a firmer textured fish than the one they are using there...these were more like fish puffs. The amuse of the fried corn fritters were a nice touch. The menu has several non-seafood options as well but I have not yet tried them.

        1. I just love the look of the room.

          1. Had dinner here Thursday evening for the first time and really enjoyed it very much. The room was packed but the meal was still really relaxed. We had the grilled octopus app, the butter Cod with artichoke and their Burger. Ended the evening sharing their warm monkey bread. Very good service. I will return.

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              I had a very nice lunch there last week. The bouillabaisse was exceptional and the lobster roll, though quite small it's not as teeny as SoaG's, was delicious.

            2. Damn, they have fish'n'chips on their lunch menu but inexplicably not on the dinner menu.