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Aug 3, 2013 11:15 AM

Restaurant Help

Hello everyone!

I am super excited to be planning a trip for mid December. I am in the culinary industry and eating is my favorite part of traveling, but the last time we were in town, we definitely overdid it with trying to squeeze in too much. This time, I am looking to budget a bit more and not each so much that I can't appreciate it all. Also looking to limit the upscale. Hard not to indulge in such a great city!

I like a mix of casual and upscale and think one reveillon dinner would be fun. Last time we hit Mila, Bayona, August, Commander's for Brunch, Stella, Stanley, Galatoire's, Mr. B's, Cochon, Willie Mae's, Central Grocery, Coop's, Acme and Café du Monde.

I am highly considering Atchafalya for jazz brunch, Domenica for happy hour, Herbsaint, Cochon Butcher, Casamento's, Jacque imo's OR Boucherie for dinner, Parkway Bakery and Kermit Ruffin's Treme Speakeasy.

Considering revisiting Mr. B's for jazz brunch, Café du Monde, Willie Mae's, Coop's and Stanley.

On my maybe list are Restaurant Revolution, Killer Po Boys, Elizabeth's,.SoBou, Red Gravy, EAT, McClure's BBQ, Buffa's for brunch, Mondo, The Company Burger and Maurepas Foods.

Any help you could provide would be appreciated! I am thinking we would be in town for 5 days, 4 nights.

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  1. Very good selections hard to argue with any of those. But if your going to Parkway you can walk from there to Angelo Brocatos for ice cream and great pastries for dessert.

    1. I think you’re on the right track. Your new list is definitely more budget friendly. You might want to throw in one of our excellent Vietnamese restaurants to round out the trip. Prices are very low. Also, as has been mentioned here before, you can get great deals at some of our finest restaurants with 3-course lunch menus for around $20 (Coquette, August).

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        Thank you for the advice. I love Vietnamese food and that may break up some of the heaviness from so much rich food. What are some great Vietnamese restaurants and what should I order?

      2. <<but the last time we were in town, we definitely overdid it with trying to squeeze in too much.>>

        We see this so very often, and many of us have been guilty of listening to the "siren song" of NOLA cuisine. Often, first-time visitors try to do a full breakfast (say The Coffee Pot), then a snack, then lunch (say Commander's Palace), then a snack, and finally dinner (say Galatoire's). Few humans can do that, and walk safely away.

        You are smart to temper your trip, and I think that the enjoyment level will be much higher.

        We have not yet dined at Atchafalya, but we do hear great things. Same for Boucherie. For most of the rest, I think that you have a great list going there.

        Most of all, enjoy and travel safely. Like you, we plan almost every trip around food.