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Aug 3, 2013 11:05 AM


Been there on a couples of Houston trips and loved it. Am coming to H. again toward the end of Sept., and since I haven't read anything about Feast on this board of late, wondered what's going on with them. Still in
business, or has Oxheart or other "nose to tail" places out-done them? Any replies will be appreciated.

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  1. Feast closed in June-- here is Alison Cook's original piece from when it was announced, and a post about the last night from the Houston Press:

    1. The cook part of the Feast threesome will be opening a pub in the Heights soon with a partner. Many of the items from Feast will be served there, he promised. I understand it will mostly be pub fare, though better than anywhere else in town I'm sure. The other 2/3 of the group left for NYC ASAP. I was out of town when they had the yard sale. Sorry I missed it.

      1. All true...just as a note, despite the name, Oxheart is pretty far from nose-to-tail dining. It's much more highly refined and vegetable based (the Oxheart is a particular carrot variety). For nose-to-tail dining in Houston, the best venture is to the various ethnic places, my current favorite is Mala Sichuan:

        but there's a staggering variety of all types of ethnicities and parts on offer all over the place. For traditional (i.e. European butchery) there isn't as much as you'd think...Underbelly rotates a few dishes, you can get a whole lobe of foie gras at Provisions and usually other parts, but things like brains and feet are going to be tough to find. For traditional English food, Red Lion gets good reviews, and lots of chefs hang out at London Sizzler, which is British in the empire sense...