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Aug 3, 2013 10:49 AM

Two Restaurant Recommendations In Norfolk, Virginia


I am a relatively new poster on the Chowhounds boards. For personal reasons, I was away from the local restaurant dining scene for nearly five years. It was only a couple of months ago when made my return.

I am blessed to live in the historic Ghent section of Norfolk, Virginia, where I am within a 20-minute walking distance to over a dozen decent restaurants.

I have been sampling and comparing these restaurants during the past two months. As a result, I have found two restaurants which consistently stand out above all the rest:

1) Press 626 Cafe and Wine Bar

2) No Frill Bar and Grill

Both of these restaurants have very high culinary standards and are committed to excellence. Menus for both of these restaurants can be found online. However, I have been placing my orders from the chef's specials listed on their chalkboards, and they have been nothing less than outstanding.

During the next few months I plan to expand my gastronomical tour to the downtown section of Norfolk.

Bon Appetit!


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  1. Plz keep posting - not enuff info on Norfolk area on this board.

    1. 2 solid choices there! Also in Ghent I'm a huge fan of Luna Maya, Azars and Cafe Stella. I also had a good experience at the 80/20 Burger Bar recently.

      1. I am also a fan of Luna Maya and Azars. I enjoyed a meal at Luna Maya two nights ago, and I will be attending a group dining event at Azars next month.

        I haven’t been to Café Stella or the 80/20 Burger Bar yet. But they are both on my list for a future visit.

        Another local restaurant I like is Bardo Elixers and Edibles, which offers tapas style dishes, many of which have an Asian twist. Another one, which is one of my guilty pleasures, is The Public House, a “gastropub” which serves a lot of food I really shouldn’t be eating. Sometimes I can’t resist.

        Several years ago I used to be a regular diner at A.W. Shucks. However, I haven’t been back since I returned to the local dining scene a few months ago. A future visit is imminent.

        When I complete my tour of the downtown Norfolk dining scene, I suspect that Todd Jurich’s Bistro will again emerge as my favorite, as it was before. I am also curious about the Tokyo Fresh Asian Bistro and Bar.

        I would love to see a decent authentic Chinese restaurant in the city of Norfolk, such as Judy’s Sichuan Cuisine, Jade Villa, or the Peking Duck Inn, all of which are located in Virginia Beach.


        1. For a Greek fix, we go to the Orapax Inn. Not fine dining, but good food.

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            The Orapax Inn is another place I have not been to in several years. Another place I used to go to, located right down the street from the Orapax Inn, is Tortilla West. It's not bad for what it is. However, it seems to appeal more to a drinking crowd than a fine dining crowd.

          2. does nayone have any recommendatiosn for VA Beach? There are only a few really old posts

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            1. re: dcbbq

              Anything in particular you're looking for?

              1. re: wanderingviolet

                First, apologies for sending a post without spellcheck

                Ideally, good seafood - on a sunday evening, but I'm open to whatever's good locally. I care more about the food than the ambience.

                1. re: dcbbq

                  For a more casual atmosphere I enjoy Tautogs at the oceanfront. A little more upscale is Coastal Grill on Great Neck

                  1. re: wanderingviolet

                    I don't venture into Virginia Beach to sample its dining scene as often as I should. When I go, it is usually one of those Chinese restaurants I mentioned for lunch. Nevertheless, I have also heard consistently positive reviews about Coastal Grill.

                    About 20 years ago I had an outstanding meal at Steinhilber's, located on Thalia Road. Based upon what I have heard, they have maintained their quality. A lot of pharmaceutical representatives take their clients (physicians) to this restaurant.

                    I think it's time for me to take a return trip to Steinhilber's, followed by a first time visit to Coastal Grill.


                    1. re: wanderingviolet

                      Wow! I've just been taking a look at some of the photos of the dishes served at Tautog's on their Facebook page. I have got to go here soon!


                2. re: dcbbq

                  Thanks for the tips. We ate at Tautogs -- it was good. Nice, clealry non-chain atmosphere, a couple of very good, fresh local daily specials, good wine list. I would definitely go there again.
                  We also wandered into another very local place,tMojito Cafe, for lunch, and I was very positively impressed. IT is small and not at all fancy. We had a nice vegetable fricasse with shrimp, some just ok tostones, some good fish tacos and a nice soup -- cold mango-ginger with some cayenne, so it was refreshing and attention-getting. Everything was prepared with care. I recommend it.
                  On Monday I had lunch at Cafe 626 ii Norfolk. I had a very good Manhattan-style fish chowder and a "mediterranean" salad topped with a nice pice of grilled grouper, and a glass of crisp (and reasonable) sauvignon blanc. The grouper was great. The salad had good ingredients but, alas, was arranged for presentation rather than having been tossed, so it was anoying to try to dress it properly. The service was could not have been friendlier. It's a very pleasant place.

                  Thanks to all for your posts

                  1. re: dcbbq

                    Glad you like Tautogs! One of my favorite casual places for seafood though I try to avoid going during tourist season. Mojito's is another favorite of mine at the oceanfront, great food and fantastic mojitos!

                    Press 626 in Norfolk was another great choice. I used to work in the area and I would frequent their ladies' night on Mondays for $3 glasses of wine and half priced appetizers.

                    Glad you enjoyed your stay!

                  2. re: dcbbq

                    I just searched for "Virginia and Beach" an found 5 posts from the past 12 months. Perhaps they might help you?