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Aug 3, 2013 10:45 AM

Regarding Pupusa recs in Dallas....

I'm almost afraid to give away the name of this truly hidden Salvadorian gem on W. Davis Street across from Nova in Oak Cliff.

Tienda La Campina Salvadorena

It's a Salvadorian grocery store with a small kitchen in the back where the non-English speaking ladies are cooking home made Salvadorian specialties including the VERY BEST PUPUSAS anywhere in DFW!

All made to order in a very clean, friendly restaurant in the rear of the grocery ~

Eat like a king for the price of a pauper. And, it's BYOB.

Be hungry my friends.

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  1. Awesome, thank you for sharing one of your hidden gems TW.

    Do they happen to serve any of them with fresh sliced raw jalapenos placed on top of the pupusas before they're grilled on the griddle? Those are my favorite with beans and cheese inside.

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    1. re: burntcremebrulee

      I don't think that would be a problem for them.

      The ladies only speak a little English but I'm sure you can make them understand the way you want yours.