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Aug 3, 2013 10:20 AM

mamosas and breakfast in n around san jose ?

hi there all,I jus arrived in san jose...EVERYTHING is new to me !
I need "mapquest" to find the grocery store !

Is there somewhere in the San Jose area that one can goto Sunday morn
for breakfast with a mamosa ?

Preferably ? some nice lil "small" place,like a local cafe/bar or something,I tend to shy away from the "chain" joints and such.


ps; I'm also trying to find a nice,comfortable "beer n burger" place ?

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  1. Helps to know where you're from, and what is there before giving recommendations. Thanks.

    1. Sticking to San Jose proper:

      The Table has bottomless mimosas during Brunch:

      Bill's Cafe is a popular breakfast spot and also has mimosas:


      Since you're new to SJ, make sure to check out San Pedro Square Market (tons of options there including burgers/beer):

      For beer/sausages check out Original Gravity: