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Aug 3, 2013 09:11 AM

Bakeries near Augusta, ME?

Do you have any recommendations for bakeries in/around the Augusta/Winthrop area? Thanks!

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  1. Caveat, I've never been there, but I did locate this bakery, which appears promising: (positive TripAdvisor reviews, for what it's worth


    We are going to be in the Augusta area in a couple of weeks, so would be interested in any report, if you check it out.

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        We went to the Bread Shack yesterday, and it's great! Thank you so much for the suggestion! It is, as the name suggests, a small place, but everything we've tried so far has been very good and they're super friendly. We bought rosemary bread, which is excellent, as well as English muffins (also good), lemon-poppy bread/cake, a snickerdoodle cookie (still warm), and some sandwiches. It's about a 30 min. drive from Winthrop, where we are, so not next door -- but that's probably a good thing! Thanks again!

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          Good to know. We will definitely stop in when we are there later this month

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        Correction to my original post - The Breadshack is in Auburn, not Augusta. We stopped in yesterday morning on our way DownEast and bought 3 loaves of bread. 2 have since been consumed and they were very good. The whole place smelled delicious; very yeasty -- knew the moment we stepped inside that the bread was likely to be delicious and we were not disappointed.