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Aug 3, 2013 08:45 AM

what is replacing bugaboo creek in methuen ??

I drove by the Methuen bugaboo creek closed and under construction

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  1. I heard that it will be a family owned restaurant serving Asian cuisine.

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    1. re: BlueMagic

      Great Asian, well needed in that area. Hope you're right Blue.

      1. re: treb

        Sadly, it will not be Asian after all. Turns out it will be a new upscale style Mexican restaurant called Santana Rae's. Just what the area needs...another Mexican restaurant..sigh...

        Asian would have been better. Not a decent one in the area.

        1. re: BlueMagic

          Is that Thai place in the valley good? Sunshine, I think it is? I heard that they were decent, as is Fusion next door, but I haven't been to either. I go to that area for bakery/deli stuff, and that's about it.

          1. re: pinehurst

            Fusion is okay, but inconsistent. In fairness I've only eaten there once and gotten takeout the other times. Service was good, but nothing about the food stands out as amazing.
            I've never been to the Thai place, avoid the cuisine altogether.. I've not heard anything, good or bad. Most of the people I know go to Sweet Basil in Andover for Thai.

          2. re: BlueMagic

            Santana Rae's parking lot is empty and there are signs o the doors and windows saying it has closed.

      2. Boo. I'd have preferred even a Panera, to be frank. Between Tekila's in the old Capellini's spot, the downward spiral of Plaza Azteca and the so-so blues of Mi Mexico Lindo, we're in sub-par hell.

        I'm hoping that whatever restaurant is supposed to be coming to the former Green Barn (now CVS and bank) site in Methuen will be a small, good family diner....but I'm betting it'll be another awful pizza joint.

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        1. re: pinehurst

          I am guessing the same thing. I would have loved to see a nice, authentic German restaurant go in there to replace the Green Barn. We are certainly limited in this area.
          Funny..I used to refer to Methuen as the restaurant capitol of MA...sadly none of them are very good. The best restaurants in Methuen are breakfast places.

          1. re: BlueMagic

            The past dozen or so years have really knocked Methuen for a loop, it's true. From two German restaurants to one, no more homestyle Italian places that I can think of...there's Thwaite's, Korbani's, Piro's (none of which are restaurants) and a few breakfast joints that are good. I think that's it.