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Aug 3, 2013 08:15 AM

B.O.B's Lobster, Borough Market, London

Generous amount of lobster in the lobster roll, claw meat and tail, firm and fairly tender, barely dressed, perhaps a tiny gloss of oil or butter at the most, dotted with herbs. The lobsters seem big, perhaps North American? The buns are split top, like the ones in Boston, but are brioche based instead of the American white bread variety. Pretty good on the whole and reasonably priced at £11 each.

Lobster mac and cheese is actually macaroni pasta with a cheese sauce, rather than the baked American dish. Pleasant sauce, and fairly cheesy, with a few good sized chunks of lobster, topped with crispy onions for a great textural contrast. Not bad for £8 (iirc).

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  1. Drool! I've been hankering for a lobster roll ever since I started following a thread on the controversial McLobster by Toronto Chowhounds which, naturally, veer into a discussion on NE-style lobster rolls ( Alas, I can't find *any* in this neck of woods where I currently am now. Hopefully better luck when I'm in Australia later this month.

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      Have a look at with various thoughts on claws/knuckles/tails, butter vs mayo, the buns etc.

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        That was a fantastic thread! Thanks. With or without mayo, with or without celery, with or without lettuce - I didn't realise Bostonians can have such diverse preferences for what I thought is a pretty "straightforward" sandwich. Actually, your London lobster roll (with brioche) sounded pretty good.

        Zuriga1's best experience was in Maine. My best experience was in Hokkaido, Japan :-D The version there had the lobster meat dressed in the barest amount of mustard-flavoured mayonnaise & very finely-chopped scallions to hold the meat together, and served on a soft roll (the Japanese, on the whole, still prefer soft bread to French-style crusty rolls). Like much else in Japan, this lobster roll costed a bomb. But it was so good, I went back there for 3 straight days! :-D

        1. re: klyeoh

          I used to live 5 mins walk from Neptune Oyster in Boston's, so even though B.O.B's version wan't bad on the whole, it's still a step down.

          Anyone had the lobster rolls from Hawksmoor? I remember asking about it -- they were using Canadian lobsters (I would have preferred the native ones here, they're smaller and sweeter) and went for something like £25.

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            FYI, the lobster roll at Burger and Lobster uses Japanese mayo (though not mustard-flavoured).

        2. re: klyeoh

          The best one I ever had was in Maine, and that was quite awhile ago. I like the idea of using brioche bread. I'm definitely going to try the London version.

          1. re: zuriga1

            Here's their website:

            They're at Borough Market in the evenings (Tues-Sat), in front of the Brindisa shop (not restaurant), across from Monmouth Coffee.

            Also worth checking out the Elliot's burger pop-up that's next to them. Have enjoyed the burgers from Elliot's in the past.

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              I'm so envious of where you are, zuriga1! Don't forget to post back on your Borough Mkt lobster experience:-)

              1. re: klyeoh

                I'm not sure when I'll get there, Peter, but I'll report back when I do. I tend to avoid the hot train in summer, but it's been nice for the time being. If Bob's is only open at night, that's another problem during the week.

              2. re: zuriga1

                Where was the Maine one? My favourites were Bagaduce Lunch - a tiny caravan in the middle of nowhere by Penobscot Bay, and the Castine Variety Store where they put an entire lobster in a bun for ten bucks!!!

                1. re: helen b

                  I'm pretty sure my Maine lobster roll was somewhere near Portland. It was a long time ago when my son was looking at Bowdoin College up there. I'm sure I had lobster rolls in NY, too, but nothing comes to mind. It was so long ago in Maine that it probably cost about $5 if that. :-)

                  It just dawned on me that I probably had a lobster roll in Southampton (the NY one), when a friend took me touring around about 4 years ago.

              3. re: klyeoh

                Not sure how much time you've spent in Australia, but it's worth trying to hunt down balmain and morton bay bugs, and ideally western australian marron as well. Much cheaper than lobster, and pretty good IMO. You can buy them ready to eat from the sydney fish markets.

                1. re: lacemaker

                  Thanks, lacemaker. I've been visiting Sydney very frequently over the past couple of decades, so I do have an affinity for these shellfish.
                  P.S. - Actually grew up in Perth, Western Australia :-)