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Aug 3, 2013 06:50 AM

Dining in Cape May

I'll be visiting Cape May later this month and would appreciate some dining suggestions. Looking at this board I've come up with the Ebbitt Room, Washington Inn Restaurant. and Louisa's. What am I missing? Thanks.

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  1. I've never been and it might not be the vibe you're looking for, but I just read about a place that sounded's called the Red Store. Don't let the photo fool you--take a look at the menu!

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      That menu looks good. Wondered why I hadn't heard of the place before so read their bio: they only opened in 2012. Last time I was in Cape May was 2011.

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        Just had breakfast and dinner there last weekend. Food is excellent, and BYOB. Also like The Black Duck on Sunset -

    2. 410 Bank St. is my favorite Cape May restaurant. BYOB. Always a hit.

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      1. Definitely make it a point to dine at The Blue Pig. It's a farm to table restaurant in Congress Hall -- we had an amazing meal when we were there back in June. And if the weather is nice, I recommend having diner on the patio.

        And, 410 Bank Street was great too!

        1. The Ebbitt Room laid an egg this week. Had the duck and it was salty and chewy. So disappointed. I recommend a BYO called Y.B. Eat Place. Check it out

          1. Just back from Cape May. By far the best two meals were at Peter Shields Inn and the Good Earth on Park Avenue, I believe. The Ebbitt Room is expensive, noisy and somewhat unrefined. The Good Earth has vegetarian, organic and seafood based dishes. Not about the atmosphere but there is a good Italian chef and the food was carefully prepared and fresh. Also Bliss for excellent ice cream. Washington Inn is pleasant. Better than the Ebbitt Room. Good luck and enjoy!