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Aug 3, 2013 05:39 AM

Famous plum torte as muffins?

I love Marian Burros' famous "Plum Torte" recipe, which used to be printed in the New York Times every year. Has anyone ever made it into muffins? I think it would make spectacular muffins, but I've never made a cake recipe into muffins. Is it fairly straightforward - do you just cook them for less time, or do not all cake recipes make good muffins?

I also wondered about making my (sorry to brag) terrific carrot cake recipe into cupcakes.

If anyone has experience with this, please let me know. Thanks!

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  1. I've never gone cake to muffins, but I have gone from a cornbread recipe to corn muffins. I made the same batter and then watched closely during baking. They cooked in a little less than half the time and came out great.

    Point being, I'm not sure there are any good "rules of thumb" here. I would just try it and see what happens. I have a hard time imagining it not working, unless it was a yeasted cake or something more complicated, but who knows.

    Let us know how it goes!

    1. I have made quick bread loaf recipes into muffins, and vice versa, and I've had no problems. I have also seen directions for this sort of thing - I am sure there are examples of this in Baking with Julia. I think the idea of an individual plum torte sounds really lovely.

      1. I go by the times and temps for different shapes/sizes of pans
        that are on the labels of boxed cake mix. Usually it's the same temp but a third the time, for cupcakes/muffins. If you are not using paper liners, be sure to grease thoroughly. I like to "flour" the tins with sugar rather than flour. You'd think it would scorch but it doesn't. The cupcakes release easily and have a delicious sweet crust.

        1. Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions! I think I will try this weekend. I have always used muffin liners, but I LOVE the idea of a sweet "crust." Thanks for the sugar idea!

          1. I am curious how the muffins from the plum torte recipe turned out. I am thinking of doing the same thing. What can you recommend?