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Aug 3, 2013 04:16 AM

Recommendations near Ogunquit, ME

My in-laws, my wife, our son and I are spending a week in Ogunquit and need recommendations for restaurants. We may have a night without our son so I would like to know of one really nice place for a romantic dinner. She doesn't do seafood at all (I know it's Maine). For this dinner we could venture further out into other towns if the food is really good. I would drive 30 minutes or more for a really good experience.

I would also be interested in less expensive places that would be must hits while we're there. I really like clam strips, is there a best place to try?

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  1. Two of my favorite places in that area are actually in Kittery, Me. Not too far though.

    Not such cheap eats, but delicious and casual is The Black Birch.

    And for romantic, Annka Jans.

    Another like of mine, for casual eats and fabulous bread bakery, is When Pigs Fly in York.

    Enjoy your trip, it's a beautiful area.

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      When Pigs Fly, which was reccommended by the owner of the place we were staying, was packed, so we headed to the Black Birch, but The Black Birch was closed when we were in Kittery, they open at 3:30pm. We ended up at the Rudders public house and I had the pulled pork which was good, my sides were bbq baked beans and french fries with curry ketchup. My wife had just the fried green beans and wasabi ranch sauce, she liked it. The service was courteous and very attentive.

      I had a chance to walk into the Black Birch, I looked over the menu, it seemed like I would like it more than my wife would. We drove by it the first time because it was barely marked and looks like a post office, because it used to be one.

    2. For your special dinner I'd recommend Joshua's in Wells about 15 minutes north of Ogunquit. It's owned by the chef and his family and many of the ingredients come from the family farm. There are many non-seafood choices and everything is delicious - especially the desserts, which are all homemade. It also has a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

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        We passed through Wells on the way to the wildlife park in Gray. We stopped on the way back and I got to try whole clams for the first time at Mike's Clam shack. I think I like the strips better, but the whole clams were not unpleasant, just seemed tougher at times and much softer at other times. Strips are more consistent and less expensive with no chance of bad belly surprise. The whole clams I had were ok, just more varied in texture and the flavor wasn't that much better.

        We have a few more days and we probably won't get to try Joshua's because my in-laws headed home and we have a 1 year old with us and Joshua's website says it's not likely a good fit for him. I looked at the sample menu online and it looked interesting but we ended up going to Five- O shore rd for our night out on another's recommendation.

      2. We just had a lovely dinner at Bandaloop in Kennebunkport -- really creative, farm to table food. Definitely options for the non-seafood types. Upscale without being formal. A little more expensive than I think is necessary, though.

        1. We have a few more days up here and need family friendly recommendations, I was considering Bintliffs, but I don't know if they would welcome a 13 month old. What about I Am Thai or East near each other, which is better?