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Aug 2, 2013 10:36 PM

Infused water - your favorite combos

I'm looking for some ideas for infused water...fruit, herb, veggie, spice, etc. Only criteria is the final pitcher of water can't have loads of sugar in it.

For the summer, I'm thinking pineapple and mint. Or watermelon, cucumber, and mint. Or tea with berries.

But I'm sure you hounds have some other creative ideas! Thoughts?

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    1. On really hot days I do cucumber, apple, lemon, and mint. I don't add any sugar. I think cucumber is a great starting point and then I just sort of embellish it.

      One thing to think about is Agua de Jamaica. It is a popular lightly sweetened hibiscus iced tea. It it totally delicious and refreshing if you can find hibiscus flowers. Oddly, my Walmart carries hibiscus flowers. Not like they just have them in stock, but they are Walmart brand "Great Value" hibiscus flowers in large bags. Not sure what's going on there but whatever works. (for some reason he calls them "jamaica 'flowers'" the whole time but I assure you it is hibiscus flowers.)

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        Jamaica is the name for it in Spanish. pronounced hah-my-kah. Its a super common drink here in Southern California.

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          Yes, common here too (in Washington). I use them all the time and find big bags of them at my local Mexican Market. They are very inexpensive there, compared to Whole Foods or similar store.

          I use them in herbal iced teas. Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger tea is made with them. I prefer to make my own with ginger tea, lemon tea, and I add orange slices or a lemon grass stalk, then some hibiscus flower and a tiny bit of stevia (hibiscus can get rather tart). Awesome infused drink!

      2. Cucumber, ginger, lemon and mint- no sugar.

        1. Cucumber and lime. I neve use sugar.

          1. Borage, melissa, spearmint and lemon.

            Star anise and cucumber.