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Aug 2, 2013 09:49 PM

Buffalo Wings in LA

Ok, I will admit it...
I have serious addictive issues with Buffalo Wings. I wanted to toss this out to find out where people feel the best places in LA are to get them. If this is not possible, perhaps someone could recommend
a good twelve step program.. Thanks...

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  1. Ye Rustic Inn is supposed to have the most authentic. I haven't been. I'm partial to The Slice's buffalo wings (pizza place in Santa Monica).

    Some older threads:

    1. I like the buffalo wings at Hot Wings Cafe.

      But the most addictive for me is not the buffalo variety but the wings at Kyochon. They are seriously some great wings.

      1. Not being satisfied with the heat of other Buffalo wings places' offerings, I braced myself for the frat/TGI Fridays atmosphere that I expected at Buffalo Wild Wings in Burbank. I went at lunch-time and was surprised at the calm atmosphere and that the mango-habanero wings were much more along the heat level that I was looking for.

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          Have you tried the Hoagies & Wings "suicide" sauce? I can't imagine that doesn't have enough heat for you.

          1. re: Jwsel

            I had tried them, but I ca't remember them ... guess they weren't memorable or worthy of a return trip. There used to be a wings place in SM, in a corner strip mall near Monte Alban that had really hot wings, but I think they closed.
            While I will be trying their hotter varieties, the mango-habanero wings had a hot/sweet flavor that was a nice change from the typical vinegar/hot.

        2. I like Hot Wings Cafe on Melrose a lot. Heard great things about the wings at Ye Rustic Inn. I sure don't mind Wild Buffalo Wings but I also LOVE the ones at Wing Street (Pizza Hut). Please don't judge :) It's just that their mild sauce really is mild. I don't love spice, but love buffalo sauce. I know, I know. It's supposed to be really easy to make. Just Tabasco and butter, I think. But there must be some kind of vinegar element, right?

          1. I became addicted to the wings at Casey's Irish Bar downtown for the better part of the NCAA tournament this year. They do a pretty solid job.