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Montreal with a 3 year old

noctilust Aug 2, 2013 09:43 PM

I am flying into Montreal from Australia around mid-September for 3 nights. I am travelling with my wife and 3 year old son. I am hoping to try a number of restaurants for lunch and dinner, and just noted that on the website for Restaurant Garde Manger that they 'do not accept children under 18 due to their licencing rights'.

Firstly, would that include my 3 year old son, and...

Secondly, does this apply to many establishments in Montreal?

It would be a shame to travel all the way there and have to leave my wife and son to dine on room service while I am out at the better restaurants! (Joking, maybe)

Thanks in advance.

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    LordWilmore RE: noctilust Aug 2, 2013 11:11 PM

    Restaurants holding a bar licence are not the norm in Montreal. Most restaurants hold a restaurant licence, which prevents them from serving alcohol without a meal.

    I'm pretty sure they'll turn away a 3-year-old by fear of losing their licence after a report from an overzealous inspector but you'll find plenty of great (better then Garde-Manger) restaurants where your child will be welcomed.

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      noctilust RE: LordWilmore Aug 3, 2013 12:17 AM

      Thank you for the clarification. It did seem odd that this was the first I had seen it mentioned in a restaurant website. BTW, if you have the time/inclination LordWilmore (and others), I'd value your top 5 picks for dinner and/or lunch.

      Kind Regards

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        CookEatSleep RE: noctilust Aug 5, 2013 04:48 PM

        Aside from being kid-friendly, What type of food were you looking for?

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      EaterBob RE: noctilust Aug 5, 2013 05:35 PM

      Just about any and all (except for Garde Manger) will take a three year-old. Especially if you are in the habit of dining early.

      Some that I would reccommend for your son would be
      Amelio’s, 201 Milton 514 845–8396
      Binerie Mont–Royal, 367 Mont Royal O 514 285–9078
      Chez Boris, 5151 Parc 514–900–1965
      Dinette Triple Crown, 6704 Clark 514 272–2617
      Chez Ennio, 1978 de Maisonneuve O 514 933–8168
      Esrabian Shant, 420 Faillon E 514 270–1076
      Gibeau Orange Julep, 7700 Décarie, 738–7486
      Lawrence, 5201 St Laurent 514–503–1070
      Mr. Steer, 1198 Ste Catherine O 514 866–3233
      Nouveau Palais, 281 Bernard O 514–273–1180
      Paul Patates, 0760 Charlevoix 514 937–2751
      Pataterie Chez Philippe, 1877 Amherst 514 528–5957
      Tous les jours, 1689 Mont-Royal E 514 523-1727
      Wilensky's Light Lunch, 34 Fairmount O 514-271-0247

      None, except for Lawrence could be considered "Fine Dining" but as CookEatSleep pointed out your desires are vague at best. Please elaborate.

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      1. re: EaterBob
        noctilust RE: EaterBob Aug 6, 2013 03:01 AM

        Thanks EaterBob et al for the many suggestions.

        I would like to see what Montreal has to offer that is unique to Montreal in relation to North America. I'd like to try some exceptional Bistro's, but also places that people who live in Montreal would consider unique AND worth going to, and fare that is seasonal and unique for September. I eat EVERYTHING (offal etc included). Price is no object, but degustation menu's are out with a 3 yr old (who is actually generally well behaved in restaurants...thanks iPad!), and besides, I'm getting a bit past degustation menus anyway.

        I'll happily dine anywhere from top notch to food cart/burger joint if the food is considered great.

        I'll keep you updated on a shortlist as I investigate reviews etc, but I highly value your local knowledge.

        Thanks once again.

        1. re: noctilust
          EaterBob RE: noctilust Aug 6, 2013 04:28 AM

          In that case (in alphabetical order)
          Bouillon Bilk, 1595 St Laurent 514.845.1595
          Au Cinquieme Péché, 4475 St Denis 514 286–0123
          Club Chasse et Pêche, 423 St Claude 514 861–1112
          Evoo, 3426 Notre Dame O 514.846.3886
          Le Filet, 219 Mount Royal W 514–360–6060
          Hotel Herman, 5171 St Laurent 514 278–7000
          Lawrence, 5201 St Laurent 514–503–1070
          Au Pied de Cochon, 536 Duluth E 514 281–1114
          La Porte, 3627 St Laurent 514 282 4996
          Le Renard, 330 Mont Royal E 514 508–2728
          Le Sinclair, 125 St Paul O 514–284–3332

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            picklebird RE: EaterBob Aug 6, 2013 08:40 AM

            We eat out regularly with our 3-year-old and I wouldn't go to many of the places above with her just because there's not a lot for her to eat (and she's a pretty good/adventurous eater) and because the courses are served at a leisurely pace which never works for us.

            For instance, I had a great meal (sans daughter) at Au Cinquieme Peche a couple of weeks ago, but we had to wait a little while between first and second courses. The good news is that it is on St. Denis, so you can wander out and stroll around.

            Of the list above, the only ones I would try with a 3-year-old are Lawrence, Au Pied de Cochon, Hotel Herman (maybe), and Le Filet (maybe).

            Most BYO bistros are a two or three course deal and not super kid friendly, but not terrible either. Check out Le P'tit Plateau. They have an early seating that might work well for you. It's my go-to place for guests visiting Montreal. Definitely unique Montreal experience.

            Also look into Kitchen Galerie (not BYO)-- up by the Jean Talon market and uses local market ingredients (which are GREAT in September). Same owners as Le Filet.

            Also, great for kids is Le Petit Alep (Syrian) especially if you're up at the market, etc.). My daughter loves it.

            And don't forget the patisseries and boulangeries-- kid's paradise.

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        MTLNY RE: noctilust Aug 6, 2013 11:20 AM

        Some recommendations:

        Maison Boulud for lunch (they have a duck pond to keep them entertained in between courses). Very good food and there lunch is pretty efficient, time wise.

        Brasserie T, might also be a good choice (lunch or dinner), efficient service, lots to see outside to keep little one entertained.

        Au Cinquieme Peche, is also one of my favorite restaurants, very friendly service, if you go early they should be able to do the meal efficiently.

        Fairmont Bagels or St. Viateur bagels

        Jean Talon Market is also great with little ones.

        As mentioned boulangeries, bakeries are great for snacks for kids.

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