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Aug 2, 2013 09:09 PM

Favorite local pastries?

Reading the recent thread on cronuts (which I've never had) made me wonder - what are favorite local pastries that people would recommend? I am surprised that there has not been a single mention on chowhound of Market Day cannele, which I think are just fantastic.

Coincidentally, I was looking for a "best blueberry muffin recipe" online recently, and what came up but an old chowhound thread which mentioned the late lamented blueberry muffins from the Pink Rose Bakery. (I was one of the posters.) I do miss them...

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  1. no question- lemon bars from metropolitan bakery

    AND they freeze well, which is very useful for those of us who are addicted to them but live in ny, i buy a bunch, freeze them individually, and take them out when the insanity strikes

    they are packaged best (is least likely to end up smooshed before i get them home when packaged by) the RTM stand, though ive purchased in chestnut hill and rittenhouse as well

    1. Woops! Now I realize why I couldn't find any mention of cannele - It's because I was spelling it wrong. It's canele, and it has indeed been recognized by chowhounds in these pages.

      1. Croissants from Artisan Boulanger
        Macarons from Belle Cakery
        Glazed donuts from Frangelli's

        1. Thanks for these suggestions! I will definitely try the lemon bars next time I'm at RTM.

          Sorry to be so out of the know, but I had never heard of Artisan Boulanger, which I see is opening at a new location and people seem quite excited. But this reminds me, does anyone know who makes the pastries at a variety of local coffeeshops, like Milk and Honey and Java Co. in Queen Village, Next Door Cafe up on Washington Square, etc.? They all seem to have the same croissants, which are quite good, as well as (and I really like these, they are very simple but good) little brioche rolls with sugar on top. They obviously all come from the same place, but I'm not sure where. I once asked, and I think they said someone who used to bake for Le Bec Fin, but I'm not sure.

          1. Pączki from Marian's in Port Richmond are pretty fantastic