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Aug 2, 2013 08:39 PM

Russo's Basil for Pesto

Yesterday we got basil at Russo's and I'm doing a big pesto batch. Probably most of you don't need this info, but just in case there's a newbie Pesto maker out there, trying to match apples for apples in a recipe:
If you buy your basil at Russo's soon, you'd likely get these results:
6 bunches basil ($2@)= 1 lb 2 ou.leaves* = 16 cups basil leaves, compacted but not super compacted.
* that's 1 lb 2 ou. net from 1 lb 9 ou. gross which includes the major stems.

(After a lifetime of cuisinarting the pesto, I am trying mortar and pestle this time.whew, lots of muscle power required. About now i'm wondering if anyone has found it not worth it....)

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  1. Always gone the food processor route myself, but I have to ask - how big is your mortar??? 16 cups of leaves is a lot.


    1. These days I get my basil at my CSA (love the times they tell us to pull entire plants!). Before that, I used to go to Wilson's for basil in season. You get an entire plant, with the roots, which makes it easy to keep it fresh for a bit before you get to pesto production. More important, it always seems a lot more pungent (probably because it is fresher) than the basil at Russo's. Of course this is an option only briefly, during summer!