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Aug 2, 2013 08:28 PM

Ribs in Eastern NC

Any suggestions for a good place to get ribs that is not too far from I-40 or I-77 between Raleigh and the VA border. How is THe PIt in Raleigh or Backyard Bbq in Durham? Really looking more for a roadside takeout place than a sit down restaurant. And they must do ribs, not just the chopped bbq (I already have my supply of Lexington's #1) Thanks for any help.

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  1. "...I-77 between Raleigh and the Virginia border"?

    I'm confused...I-77 runs from Charlotte to the Virginia border. Do you mean I-85?

    In any event, ribs aren't something traditionally found at NC BBQ joints, especially the roadside places. They are on the menu at The Pit and the Q Shack.

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      Sorry for the confusion - we're taking I-40 from Raleigh to I-77 near Winston-Salem and heading north until we end up in Lake Erie. Y es, I know ribs are not really considered barbecue here, but that is what my friend requested. Thanks for your response.

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        Ok, thanks for the clarification. Btw, you're actually asking for recs in central NC, not eastern NC. Eastern NC is generally considered the area east of Raleigh.

        You could do The Pit or Q Shack, or a place called Bibs in Winston-Salem. Then head up Hwy. 52 to I-74 as a shortcut to get to I-77.

        Another option might be Allen and Son. It's a traditional BBQ place between Chapel Hill and Hillsborough, right off I-40. I THINK they serve ribs. I seem to recall comments on this board about them. I also recall the comments not being particularly positive however. Their chopped 'q is as good as it gets. You could Google them and ask if the have ribs. Just make sure you get the right one, as there are 2 Allen and Son, the other one is in Pittsboro and is not good.

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          I've been eating chopped cue at Allen and Sons since the early 70s. Every year or so I try their ribs again. Every such year I vow to never do it again.

          1. re: walras

            I concur. I love Keith Allen but the man does not do ribs well.

    2. Smokey's BBQ Shack on Hwy 54 in Morrisville has great ribs. They are 5 minutes off of I-40.

      Note - on Mon - Wed they are open for lunch only. Thurs - Sat they are open later - check their website for details

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        Was just going to post this too. Smokey's ribs are the best in the area and quite delicious.

        1. Many, many thanks to all of you. We ended up getting ribs from Smokey's - it was exactly the type of place I wanted to go to. We had some smoked bbq wings with mac n cheese and onion rings as sides. The mac n cheese was pretty bland, but stirring in some of their sauce really zipped it up a bunch. The onion rings were very good. My friend will be very happy with my gift of chopped barbecue from Lexington #1 and the ribs from Smokey's The timing worked out great for our trip home.

          If you ever need some rec's for Cleveland, OH - just let me know. Thanks again.

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            So glad the timing work out so well! Sounds like you had a terrific trip!

          2. I like the ribs at Backyard BBQ Pit in Durham. But, generally speaking, NC does not a good job with ribs. Probably the best are at the Q-Shack in Durham.