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Aug 2, 2013 08:03 PM

Pranzi - White Plains - Closed

Pranzi is another restaurant that is closed. I heard that they closed their doors and did not even tell their help. It's a shame. Pranzi started out strong, good food, service, Rob the owner was attentive to all his patrons. They were always crowded. Little by little it changed, new managers every few weeks, food went downhill and so did service and Rob didn't seem to care anymore and the patrons started to stay away. I notice this trend with a number of restaurants. Is it that hard to keep a good chef and staff? When restaurants start to do singles nights with a DJ and they offer free drinks to ladies on Thursday nights, you know they are on their way out.

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  1. Strange.....I could swear there was a thread about this already, but I can't seem to find it now. I heard good things in the beginning, and wanted to check it out. I was at the City center anyway, but as I passed walking, I could hear dance music pumping at 3 pm. It kinda turned me off. I skipped it, and I think 2 weeks later it closed. It seemed like a good spot, too.

    1. Was it the hidden location? Or too many Italian places in the area? White Plains is trending to lower food price points. Olive Garden coming soon.

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        Yes, it was very easy to miss as the entrance was really in a courtyard. It was opposite the mall entrance to City Center in one of the trump buildings.

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          Need Chopped Salad and Chipotle in City Center.

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            Chipoltie is coming to main street where the new hotel is being built.

      2. I went there right around Christmas. The food was good and the service was just fine. However, the location was hard to find, and the crowd was odd. A couple of people seemed to wander in off the street to eat there, not knowing that this was an "upscale" restaurant. Kind of a weird experience overall.

        1. I heard the following and not sure how true it is. The same owners will open a pizzeria in the Pranzi spot. They are aiming to make it a more family friendly place. Pranzi is reopening in Port Chester...