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Aug 2, 2013 07:51 PM

Petoskey, MI!

We'll be in Petoskey for four days in September. Hoping for some vegetarian options at local restaurants and nice places for breakfast. Thanks!!

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  1. You should definitely check out American Spoon. I haven't tried their dinner, but we had an amazing lunch there---their sandwiches are excellent (and of course the gelato). I'm sure they have vegetarian options.

    For breakfast we really liked Roast and Toast.

    1. For a casual breakfast in Petoskey, we like Julienne Tomatoes, a friendly place with good food and great coffee. For vegetarian options, try Mim's Mediterranean Grill. The hummus was awesome! We also liked Thai Orchid; I'm not certain, but they would probably have some vegetarian options.

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        Great! I'm glad to have a few options. Keep them coming! we love ethnic options (like the Thai mentioned by greenthumb) as well as upscale American dining, like the kind of fare found at Everyday People Cafe in Douglas, which is where we've vacationed for the last several years.

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          I love ethnic too but usually have to drag the better half, although he is a good sport and inevitably finds something he likes. This year we're going to try the Twisted Olive which was on my list for last year but we never made it (they serve breakfast too), and Chandler's, on the more upscale American side. For Italian, I liked Villa Ristorante last year, hubby thought it was so-so. One of our other favorite places in P-key is City Park Grill, check out their menu since I can't remember if they have any veg. options. Great atmosphere and history and marvelous biscuits! Just outside Petoskey is the Galley Gourmet in the Village at Bay Harbor. The food here is excellent (really good pizza!), lots of veg. options, and would be great for a picnic lunch. Have a wonderful trip and report back.

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            Suggest a pass on Chandler's. Was there last week and only the whitefish was worthy of positive mention.

      2. Bumping, in hopes of some more recommendations before our trip. Thanks!!

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          In Petoskey, we always eat at Mitchell Street Pub....good bar food. Also love the smoked whitefish dip at the Toski Sands party store. Not sure if either of those are vegetarian enough for you. Nearby in Harbor Springs, have liked New York.

        2. If you eat an early dinner, the absolute best deal in the area is the 2 for 1 entrees at the New York in HS. Also, there is a great breakfast place next door whose name escapes me. I also like breakfast at Mary Ellen's Place which is a local coffee shop.
          For a nice drive and a real "up north" feel, have dinner at the Douglas Lake Bar & Steak House located on the lake with an outdoor patio.

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            Does the Douglas Lake Bar and Steak House have any (decent) vegetarian options?

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              Oops - I didn't note your request for veg options. Probably not unless you eat seafood.
              I can't be of help for veg friendly places.