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Aug 2, 2013 05:33 PM

Lunch in Jacksonville near Airport

This weekend we fly into JAX at noon, and need to find a nice non-chain place before we pick up a relative at the airport at 3. Bonus points for something vegetarian friendly that also serves caesar salad. Thanks!

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    1. Only chains near JAX. There's a Landry's in the Delta terminal. Not much around there.

      1. You would have to drive 20 minutes each this something you are able/ willing to do? If so downtown Jax has many restaurants, as well as Riverside, Avondale, Springfield, San Marco. There is nothing near the airport that I am aware of that is a non-chain restaurant

        1. Sadly, your options will be fairly limited. I've lived in Jacksonville for ten years

          1. Unfortunately, the area near the airport is all chains. In order to dine in one of Jacksonville's many non-chain options, you would have to drive a bit. Jacksonville is the largest city area-wise in the US,, so having to drive to get somewhere is the norm.