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Aug 2, 2013 05:17 PM

Sunday night dinner in Fredericksburg, Va

I'm going to be staying in Fredericksburg, VA this Sunday--I would appreciate any Hound feedback on a decent place to have dinner.
Thanks, Remycat

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    1. re: machellebelle

      Thanks machellebelle,
      Unfortunately both are closed for dinner on Sunday. I came across online a few places that sounded interesting:
      Taj Indian Cuisine
      Fujiya House
      Poppy Hill
      Bistro Bethem
      Can anyone recommend any of the above or suggest something better? I appreciate any replies.

    2. My wife and I ended up at Bistro Bethem. I had a Sunday Special of two dishes for $20---starting with a duck mouse, bread and butter pickles, house mustard, and toasts, and then a skirt steak with shitake mushrooms. My wife had monk fish. Both meals were excellent.