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Aug 2, 2013 05:05 PM

urgent - best steak house

urgent - best steak house in Wellesley, MA area, please. Many thanks!

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  1. None that I know of in the classic steakhouse mode.

    Maybe Capitol Grille in Newton/Brookline

    1. Capital Grille on Route 9 in Chestnut Hill or Coach Grill on Route 20 in Wayland.

      1. Haven not been but I know many who like the Coach Grill in Wayland.

        1. I was going to mention Coach Grill also. But I must ask, what is the situation that constitutes an "urgent" need for a steakhouse? :-)

          1. Thank you for the great responses. The urgency was the fact that I am doing a program at Wellesley College and I haven't had a good meal in two weeks. I ended up dining at Maxwells 148. Interesting menu - Italian and Asian food... even weird, you might say. However, I had an excellent "Cowboy" steak (double thick ribeye with the bone) which was perfectly cook rare. I have to say it was very, very good. Pricey at $60.