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Aug 2, 2013 04:25 PM


Just back from Chicago and stopped at Glazed and Infused for doughnuts. I see their jelly doughnuts are called bismarks. Is this the usual name for them in Chicagoland?

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    "By the end of the century, jelly doughnuts were also called Bismarcken, after Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Due to the large number of central European immigrants, jelly doughnuts are known as bismarcks in parts of the American Upper Midwest, in Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada, and even in Boston, Massachusetts."

    1. I live in the middle Middle West and knew they occasionally answered to bismarks (at least it wasn't krapfen, another name), but just wondered if it was common enough that folks would recognize it. So are you (or is anyone) saying they might be marked that way at, say, a supermarket?