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Aug 2, 2013 04:07 PM

Itzik Hagadol - Coming to Beverly Hills

Couldn't find a mention of this news on the board, so thought I'd share. According to a post on the restaurant's website, "New location coming soon at:

452 N. Canon Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210"

It's long been on my list of a place I want to try, for their salad offerings, I just rarely make it out toward Encino.

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    1. re: westsidegal

      I was thinking this might make you smile; it's because of your comments about Itzik Hagadol that the restaurant finally made it onto my mental "must go there and partake" radar.

      1. re: ElsieDee

        "array of salads"
        "eggplant salads"
        "israeli cucumber salad"
        "celery salad"

        will drag either my roommate or my daughter to eat the meat portion of the meals.

        1. re: westsidegal

          i'm shocked, shocked i tell you, wsg will eat that far...east.

          i've always found the meat there sorta lame. pony up the dough and just get the salads.
          i think they even let you take doggie bags.