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Where to eat near Concord

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Hello Hounds, I'm seeking your help! I recently moved to Concord after having lived in Boston for the past seven years. I love love love to eat, and as much as I am loving my new home, I'm finding the food options really limiting. I've looked up previous threads related to eating in this area, but they are pretty outdated. I was hoping to start up another one to see if any new places in the surrounding areas have opened up or peaked people's interests recently. I have eaten at 80 Thoreau, and enjoyed my meal there and am so excited that Bondir will be coming to Concord in October! DH and I will by trying Sprigs tonight in Acton. And I've been to Asia Gourmet, and had some good Taiwanese food there. I'm pretty set with lunch places, but am curious about where to get dinner around these parts. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Oh, and I'm definitely not only looking at high end places - would love thoughts on any good food and definitely any ethnic places. I used to live a few blocks away from Pho Basil and miss getting my Vietnamese/Thai fix! Thanks!

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  1. We like Asia Gourmet too.

    I would head to lowell for your south east asian fixes. Great Cambodian, vietnamese, etc.. search the old threads..

    Also for casual takeout great seafood dont miss Twin Seafood in West Concord and West Acton.. West acton has more places to sit and a nice outdoor patio area.

    I am sure you have found kimballs for ice cream in westford, they have surprisingly good fried seafood too.

    1. Yes, head to Lowell sooner than later. China Star for dim sum, Pho Dalat or Pho 88 for Vietnamese, Hong Cuc for takeout banh mi and bubble tea and terrific spring rolls.

      Closer to Concord, give Main Street Cafe a shot, interesting vibe and the food is decent. In Acton you can get decent Thai at Benjarong, good pub grub at Crossroads, there's an Indian place on 2A that I've heard is good but haven't tried. And the best secret around is the clam chowder at Donnelan's supermarket, or at least it was when I worked int he area a few years back.

      I would give Atlantic Sea Grill and Spicepepper Garden a shot but keep expectations low, I think they are hit-or-miss.

      1. I have lived in Concord for 43 years. I can honestly count on one hand nice places to eat that I would go back to. On the one hand, Chio., They have been gone since the late 70's. Guida's. In the same location as 80 Thoreau. Gone in the 80's. 9 Dragons for Chinese. Gone in mid 70's Ho Joe's for clam strips and mac and cheese. (comfort food). Gone early 80's. Antonino's Maynard. Gone when Digital closed the mill early 80's. If you want good food, you will need to take a drive down RT. 117 to Waltham and Watertown. There are plenty of top notch places there. P.S. 80 Thoreau is nice but you need to hit them on the right night.

        1. Well this seems to answer your questions a chowhound post of food in Concord, good luck anyway,


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            Thank you for this. I actually read through this thread and got some good ideas. The only issue is that it is quite old, and some of the places listed have since closed down. I was hoping to get some more up to date info!

            For anyone who is interested, my husband and I had dinner at Sprigs in Acton last night. As appetizers we got the mussels in a broth with chorizo and the tempura fried squash blossoms filled with goat cheese. Both were absolutely delicious and on par with dining at a nice Boston restaurant. The mussel broth was delectable, and the squash blossoms light and crispy, and not too heavy despite being fried. Really well executed. As an entree my husband had the cajun gumbo, which he was really excited about. The flavors and spices were good, but the rue had been really burned so that the stew was a dark dark brown almost black color. Maybe this is what others consider more authentic - I'm not sure - but the burned flavor was too pronounced for our tastes. I prefer more of a peanut buttery colored rue to give it that toasty but not overly burned flavor. I ordered the wild mushroom ravioli with shortribs, which the waiter was was "everyone's favorite." The short ribs were delicious, but the ravioli were quite bland and the mushroom flavor did not come through at all. All in all, the apps were phenomenal and the entrees were disappointing. I would consider going back and ordering a bunch of appetizers and maybe just splitting an entree or foregoing one altogether. Oh, and between the appetizer and entree they served a blueberry/lavender sorbet as a palate cleanser. It was delicious and a nice little touch. The restaurant itself was charming and the service was quite good.

            I've read a few things about AKA Bistro in Lincoln. Has anyone eaten there?

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              I think AKA Bistro is really good! Been 3 times :)

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                Although that thread did start in 2006, you should note that it has remained active to the present day. The most recent posts are from June & July 2013.

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                  Yes, I did notice that, thank you.

            2. Also keep in mind during non-rush hour and going opposite direction of everyone's commute west in the evening, Waltham, Lexington, and Arlington are only about a 15 minute drive. Can take you longer than that just to make it to Acton from Concord at the wrong time of the day. Plenty of mentions for those towns if you do a search.

              1. Maynard isn't too far and has 2 good Thai restaurants. We usually prefer Thai Chili, but Siam Village is also good and I think either is much better than Benjarong in Acton. There's also a little Mexican place El Huipil, I haven't been in awhile but I think it's still getting good reviews.

                Burlington also isn't far from Concord, as long as it's not rush hour. And it seems to have sprouted a lot of new restaurants over recent years from ethnic to higher end. I won't try to list as I haven't made it to most of them, but many have come up on other threads. I think Blue Stove in Nordstrom (small plates) is definitely worth checking out.

                Waltham may be about the same distance as Burlington, depending where you are in Concord and traffic. It's another good area to check out for restaurants, lots there.

                1. Yes, AKA Bistro is worth seeking out, very good food. Wait, did you say Bondir is coming to Concord?

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                    Yes! I'd heard some rumors and then happened to be dining at the Cambridge location just last week. I asked the waiter who confirmed that they will be opening up in Concord in October. Given how busy 80 Thoreau is, I imagine (and really hope) they will do quite well.

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                      Yay!! I wonder where? Maybe the old Serafina space?

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                        I think I read that's its going where Walden Grill used to be. I'm new to the area so don't know where that is but I think somewhere near Concord center. So exciting!

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                          The waitstaff at Bondir confirmed that. It was right on Walden Street, next door to the post office.

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                            Did Serafina reopen as Serafina or as something else? Yay to Bondir in Concord, we desperately need a good restaurant around here other than AKA.

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                              I don't think that Serafina reopened but I could be mistaken. I drive into that shopping center often, and the Serafina sign is still up, but I don't think there is any action there. I'll investigate further next time I'm there.

                    2. Just over the line in Bedford, via Rt 62 and left on 4/225, is Dalya's, very eclectic cooking with frequent changes of menu. They often serve Moroccan/North African specialties. Very pleasant atmosphere.

                      To the right on 62/4/225, Ginger Japanese Restaurant has recently reopened in a new building with parking in back. I haven't been there yet. Can anyone give a report?

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                        Ginger's sushi is as good as ever, the room is quite nice as well.
                        In Westford, I've heard good things about Belle's Bistro, but haven't been yet. Anyone?
                        +'s on AKA, and Main St Cafe
                        Bedford also has decent Thai at Ka Noon
                        In Lowell, don't forget the Cambodian at Simply Khmer, Red Rose, Tepthida Khmer or Sonmonorom.
                        Clover's new location by the Burlington Mall is reopened.

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                          yes, Belles Bistro is good. Best to make reservations especially at your typical popular dining times, it's not that big and you can expect them to be packed then.

                      2. If you're heading to Bedford there is also Cafe Luigi's:


                        1. Gibbet Hill Grill in Groton is topnotch and worth the drive down rt 119 on occasion. Also in Groton is Fihlo's, a small Italian-esque eat-in (small) and takeout restaurant. They have excellent dishes at reasonable prices.

                          In Ayer there's a hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurant called Woo Jung that is consistently good (and has been for years). It's located at 174 West Main St. Note - it's not much of an atmosphere so we usually order take out from there.

                          1. I had a pretty good meal at Vinebrook Tavern in Lexington.