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Aug 2, 2013 12:51 PM

the more you cook

do you ever find the more you cook the less you want to eat?

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  1. To some degree, yes. If i cook for alot of company I really don't want to eat because I have been taste testing and looking at food all day or sometimes days. Other times when i slow cook or braise I can't wait to tear into it because it has been teasing me with the smell all day

    1. In years, yes. Day to day, no.

      1. Sometimes if I spend a long time preparing an elaborate meal, I don't want to eat it at the end. Thanksgiving comes to mind. But most of the time I'm cooking pretty simple weeknight stuff, and I'm starving when I'm doing it, so I'm definitely ready to eat when the food's ready :)

        1. i find the more i cook, the less i want to eat crappy food: it takes the same amount of time to make good food with simple ingredients as it does to get in the car to get fast "food". the more i cook, the more i want to eat real food.

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              I'm at the unhappy point where I'm totally over cooking, but most restaurant meals (that I can afford and are convenient) aren't really up to my standards either, since I know I can cook better... I just don't have the motivation or time.

            2. Yep. I host the family Christmas dinner and after two days of nonstop cooking I have very little appetite. Even daily cooking tends to dampen my appetite. (Maybe I taste too much as I go?)

              I'm also the baker/candy maker of the family. I think just the aroma of the chocolate, sugar, etc. fills me up. I have a toffee recipe that takes all day . . . my sisters and BILs refer to it as "candy crack" and scarf it down; it can sit in my house for months untouched.

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                Christmas Day is the only meal when I get cooking overload. We host the family lunch on alternate years. When I finally sit down to eat, I often find my appetite has gone (not that I'm a big lunch eater anyway)