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Aug 2, 2013 12:32 PM

food wars, redux- 5 point v. 5 spot


and bonus points for an explanation why there are 2 breakfast joints with nearly the same name

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  1. Neither of them are breakfast joints. They may have breakfast, but the first is really a dive bar that been around forever, and the second is a restaurant that serves all meals and is part of a local chain.

    5 Point is probably called because it's off 5th Ave, or maybe because it's at a wacky spot where a bunch of streets converge. 5 Spot was undoubtedly conjured up in a marketing meeting.

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    1. re: christy319

      so 5 point is a dive bar that serves food and 5 spot is a neo-diner?
      mahalo for that explanation

      and thanks for the theory on the names

        1. re: macsak

          Although I have not yet been to 5 Spot in some time, I think they're a bit hard to compare.

          5 Spot is v. kid-friendly (being on Queen Anne hill and all). They rotate some their menu items based on a certain region, which might be why I can't recall any specific, go-to items that I've enjoyed.

          5 Point on the other hand is my go-to for fried Beecher's cheese curds during their happy hour, CFS (chicken fried steak) anytime and hot roast beef platter on cold days. It is diner food at it's finest with cheap pitchers and jukebox people watching as a plus.

          If you can't tell, I'm a fan.

        2. re: christy319

          Disagree christy - 5 Point is 1/2 a bar, and 1/2 a diner - and the sides are very distinct, tho you will find many of the same clientele on either side, but not usually both sides in the same visit.

          5 Point, tho they do serve all meals and is a neighborhood joint, it is kind of known as a breakfast spot, as you can see by the lines on a Sat/Sun morning, (which the place does not rate), nor is their a line at other meals, so it's clearly popular as a brunch run.

          Agree with your assesment of the naming thing. Tho for Macsak, we can keep it simpler; 5 Point is authentic, 5 spot is a small chain with bigger hype than delivery.

          5 Point has the better food.

          1. re: christy319

            i just thought of the fact that "5 spot" is slang for a five dollar bill
            is there a $5 specials menu or something like that?

            1. re: macsak

              "5 Spot highlights its regular Melting Pot Meals from 5 defined regions (or spots) year-round for those who like to stick with a sure thing."


              1. re: Gizmo56

                mahalo for that
                i guess i should've read the website more closely

          2. The 5 Spot is part of the CHOW foods restaurant line ( I've never had anything particularly good there.

            The 5 Point is a magical land of local drunks with much better than average bar food. As I said in another thread, my favorite Chicken Fried Steak in town comes from here, and if I recall correctly I always enjoy their french dip after a drink or ten.

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            1. re: Brunhilde

              Hey, Brunhilde:

              Spot (oops) on. Good Bloodies there, too.

              I share your view on 5 Spot's food. It's not bad, and I admire them doing their rotating themes, just not special for me.


            2. 5 Spot is literally in my backyard and my kid loves it ... and still I can never get enthused about eating there. Nothing's *wrong* with it, per se. Nothing's notable either.

              1. To add to the name confusion, there is also the Hi Spot in Madrona, serving breakfast and lunch. Haven't been to any of them in many many years, but vote Hi Spot as best food out of the 3.

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                1. re: babette feasts

                  I think of the Hi Spot as a restaurant disguised as a coffee and pastry shop. Worth a visit just for the raspberry hazelnut scones.

                2. 5 spot is better. I like their red flannel hash (corned beef & beet) and pancakes w/ real maple syrup.