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Aug 2, 2013 11:49 AM

Bourbon at Costco or Sam's Club

Do either Costco or Sam's club sell very good bourbon at great prices?

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  1. Good? Yes. Very good? No.

    In my opinion the Costco stuff is quite decent and priced right. ($20 for a liter.) It's basically Knob Creek, bottled at a higher proof but with less time in the barrel. If you like Beam products you'll enjoy it.

    1. I sense your question is about pricing. What I understand is that in most states, you do not have to buy a membership to buy alcohol at either club [which is true in Iowa], so I would go check it out for yourself. I find at my local Sam's Club, you can get a liter sized bottle for what a 750ml cost at a liquor store/grocery store. Sam's sells a lot of 1.75 liter bottles, especially in the lower end. Selection is somewhat limited in my Sam's Club in Ames, IA (and it is a smaller store). Costco in West Des Moines, IA has a slightly better selection and I have found that you can save 20-30 percent over the retail prices at a liquor store/grocery store. The difference is that although not predictable, one can go into a Costco and find something almost 40 percent off when the store has made a volume buy. I always go through the liquor and wine at Costco every time I get a chance. My last decent purchase that answers your specific alcohol question is that Costco made a volume Bulleit Bourbon (sp?) purchase last year and it was $19 a fifth. Pretty decent in a liquor control state like Iowa.

      1. I really like Costco's bourbon. I am not a high-end drinker though. :) Much more "middle of the road".

        1. I got a great price on 1.75 ltr of George Dickel No 12 at Sam's in SC for $32.

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            Wish my Sam's sold Dickel No. 12 ... Great bargain!

          2. When I was a young Naval Officer back in the 60ies, I used to love George Dickel Then they stopped making it. It came back in 2003. Now in our local Costco, they are selling GD #8 for only $19.95.

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              "Water's for Washin', Dickel's for Drinkin' "