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Aug 2, 2013 11:36 AM

Is this ground sausage safe to eat?

I purchased fresh ground pork sausage from the butcher on Monday. I forgot to put it in the freezer and I need to use it to make Scotch Eggs on Saturday. Is it still good? I haven't opened it yet.

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  1. if refrigerated it should be ok. If you left it on the counter, well.sayonara

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      Sayonara to the sausage or to the eater? lol

    2. Open it and check the smell. It's probably got enough salt that it has not started to spoil. You might feel better about it if you freeze it now and thaw it Saturday (use a tightly-sealed bag submerged in cool water to quickly thaw it). That would kill some forms of bacteria, on the chance that any have begun to grow.