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Mystic, CT Lunch?

Any recommendations for lunch in/near Mystic? Good quality food trumps type & price. Thanks!

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  1. Bravo Bravo and Azu are good choices in Mystic. Stonington has the Water Street Cafe, Dog Watch Cafe and Noah's.

    1. From our last visit, in order of preference: Oyster Club, S&P, Voodoo Grill

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        I second the Oyster Club. They opened a casual outdoor terrace dining area above and behind the restaurant called the Treehouse that's literally in the trees.

        I thought they were open for lunch most days, but their website disagrees (Friday & Saturday only), but that may be for the restaurant only. I'd call first to be sure.

        They feature classic American grilled fare with a Southern bent in a casual, outdoor setting. You can view the river from many tables, and there's always a breeze.

      2. My top choice in Mystic would be Azu.

        1. I enjoy Azus. Also I had a surprisingly good fairly inexpensive meal at a place I read about on these boards called Seahorse Tavern in Noank which is about 3 miles south. Never ever would have found or considered it if not read on these boards. But if in Mystic I like Azus and S&P and if you want pizza I think Pizzettas is fine. In Stonington I've been to Dog Watch and found it fine as well.

          BUT quick question... I noticed Mike you put Voodoo Grille. Last week we were gonna go but I got chased away by some mixed reviews on the internet. How is it? I was worried it was more of a place to grab a drink and maybe an appetizer instead of a meal but I could be reading into it.

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            We had jambalaya and quesadillas both of which were good. Pleasant patio out back, good service. Our second time there.

          2. I would choose the "Pita Pocket", in Mystic. Great food, check it out!

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              That's "Pita Spot", one of my favorite restaurants in the region. It's rated #1 on Trip Advisor for good reason.

            2. NY Times just gave Daniel Packer Inn rave reviews. Nice place, good food, sort of like an English pub.

              1. I just looked at the VooDoo grill menu. Have never thought about going there! A few questions, I am not a big fan of spicy hot food, would you say it is spicy flavorful or spicy hot. What is the crawfish like? Thanks! Always like to try something new.

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                  For New England, it was probably in the range of moderately spicy hot but you could always ask if they can adjust it. I tend toward hotter food so it's a little hard for me to say. My wife said the crawfish was good. They had a few good beers and it was a fun comfortable place, not haute cuisine.