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Aug 2, 2013 09:18 AM

Any MoCo Mexican restaurants actually run by Mexicans?

Just got back from Playa del Carmen with a hankering for Mexican food. We prefer whole-in-the-wall places to upscale and we have found a few places that we like but most of them seem to actually be run by Salvadorans and Peruvians, not Mexicans. is there any place in Montgomery County (preferably G'burg, Germantown or Rockville) that is actually run by Mexicans? Bonus points for a good vegetarian selection and/or fish.

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  1. Not sure, but plenty in Riverdale.

    1. Taco Bar next to Washingtonian Chevron. No fish, vegetables are ancillary. Posole and tacos are pretty good. Mexican owner, Mexican ladies doing the cooking.

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        Tortacos in Gaithersburg next to the H-mart by Lakeforest. LA-style tacos, burritos, and tortas.

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            Do note that I actually prefer Taco Bar to Tortacos (though not by a lot), and Taqueria Las Placitas in Riverdale to both. I was just adding choices to the list.

            1. re: DanielK

              DanielK -- Would you mind explaining what exactly LA-style means in this case? (An honest question, honestly). And if any of the other places you mention here would also be LA style, then?

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                I don't know specifically - quoting their Facebook page. :-)

      2. Regardless of who runs them, the food you will get here is unlikely to be Yucatecan. Obviously, restaurants in Playa Carmen - which has become an unofficial extension of the official tourist zone, may be offering the type of Mexican food with which non-Yucatecans are familiar. I mean, in the Zona Hotelera, they have guys dressed in enormous sombreros walking around singing La Cucaracha and the food is a pale semblance of Tex-Mex.

        So to give you ideas of where to get the kind of Mexican food you are seeking, it would be helpful to know what Mexican foods you like. Are you actually looking for Yucateneca, Vera Cruz style, Oaxacan? Comidas tipicas?