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Aug 2, 2013 09:18 AM

Rome in September for my birthday - What's best for Sunday Night

I've looked at the boards and other sites and I am feeling overwhelmed.

My spouse and I are going to be in Rome for a few days to celebrate my birthday in late September. I thought I had everything figured out and then learned Metamorfosi is closed on Sundays. So, I started revisiting my restaurant choices and now I feel totally overwhelmed (see list at bottom).

In the morning, we plan to visit Villa and Galleria Bourghese.
Considering Pinsere Roma Flavia for lunch
Afternoon at Galleria Doria Pamphilj
7:30 pm dinner ????
Looking for great food and atmosphere. Open to formal choices, but would prefer not to get dressed up if alternatives are as good. Considering list below.

*The Mirabelle - request terrace, 14 Via Di Porta Pinciana | Hotel Splendide Royal, 00187
*La Terrazza -Located on the 6th floor of the Eden Hotel
*Pipero al Rex, Via Torino, 149, 00184 Rome, Italy
*Ristorante Roof Garden Circus dell'Hotel Fortyseven, Via Luigi Petroselli 47, Rome, Italy
*La Fata Ignorante, Via Giuseppe Giulietti 5/5a/7, Rome, Italy
*Flavio Al Velavevodetto , Via di Monte Testaccio 97/99, 00153 Rome (table on the terrace)
*Trattoria Perilli, Via Marmorata, 39, 00153 Rome, Italy (Testaccio)
*Renato e Luisa, Via dei Barbieri 25, 00186 Rome, Italy
*Hostaria Corte Del Grillo
*Enoteca Ferrara in Trastavere (Note: We are planning to be in Trastavere and to go to De Enzo on another night)
*Dal Gusto

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  1. Pinsere looks really good
    but its takeout only and doesnt look from this like its open Sunday. (seems likel it would be good for a picnic, though


    Sunday is a great festive lunch day in Rome - and you will likely want to sit down after your morning activities. (just a suggestion) Why not consider having your celebration meal at lunchtime instead of in the evening. then, you can look for something lighter in the evening? .

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      I agree with Jen--Sunday lunch would be a better option and a nice break between two wonderful museums. Ristorante Colline Emiliane might be a good choice, as it is open for Sunday lunch and is (more or less) between your two destinations.

      1. re: lisaonthecape

        Thank you for the suggestions. Ristorante Colline Emiliane sounds like a great option.

    2. [ignore this-- my error -- can't locate a delete option]

      1. Pinsere is not only take out, you can eat there, but it is a hole in the wall with no seating and closed on weekends (sat and sun).
        As to dinner: 7:30 is way too early and you need to research the opening days of them, some are not open for sunday dinner.

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        1. re: vinoroma

          Thanks. I thought I had shortened my list to restaurants open on Sunday. I'll re-review my options. If they were open on Sunday, is there any one above you'd say I really should try before leaving Rome.

        2. We were in Roma last month. We really liked Renato & Luisa and have eaten at Enoteca Ferrara in the past and thought it was also very good. In days gone by we have enjoyed Circus at Hotel 47 so we tried on this trip. Unfortunately, it was a huge disappointment. I would drop it from your list. Good luck.

          1. You've listed so many completely different places, it's hard to say which one to go to. You've gone from fancy hotel to simple Testaccio Trattoria here.
            For something in between the two, I'd go with Renato e Luisa. But it doesn't open until 8pm.


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            1. re: minchilli

              Thank you for your suggestion. We're leaving for Rome this Friday. I made reservations at Renato e Luisa, but just read your recommendations at F&W. Do you think I should switch to Coromandel?