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Aug 2, 2013 08:30 AM

Nantucket Update 2013

About to head out for an annual trip to Nantucket - was wondering if anyone had any new observations for this season. We were out in late May and had a terrific meal at our usual, Straight Wharf, a good lunch at Cru and a disappointing (also as usual, why do we keep going?) experience at the place that defines excessive "Nantucket pricing", Toppers at the Wauwinet. Anything new or surprising or must avoid, this year, thanks.

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  1. if you like sushi, try LoLa.
    the pearl (reservations are a must)
    brant point grille(always good)
    just outside of town near the rotary...
    the sea grille (casual with fabulous food. great menu!)
    hope this could be of some help.
    my husband and i still laugh over our experience at Toppers.
    the prices were so ridiculous for what we got.

    1. I loved Oran Mor. Ask for the outside upper deck private table.

      1. i agree ,oran mor is also another great restaurant.

        1. Company of the Cauldron is my favorite place on Nantucket. After that, Boarding House.

          I have to disagree about Brant Point Grille. Reminds me of Toppers, in all the bad ways. Pretentious, ridiculously overpriced, designed to cull the wallets of rich tourists. Screams "hotel restaurant", if you know what I mean.

          Oran Mor is really good, I go along with that.

          The Pearl is good, though a "scene". Same with LoLa.