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Aug 2, 2013 08:28 AM

Key West suggestions

restaurant or other chow food suggestions for Key West, staying near south beach, no vehicle.

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  1. Rent bikes or scooters.....though you can walk all of Old Town.....most restaurants I know to hit are more to the other end. I would say Grunt's Island Grill, Garbo's Grill (food cart) , and Conch Shop (on Petronia) for a Nasty Burger. Will post other ideas if I think of them......know I'm forgetting a couple at the moment.
    If you go to Garbo's Grill check out Pepper's (hot sauce shop) across the street. They allow you to sample a large variety of the sauces (as well as other items) in the store. Though they will not give out samples of anything over 600,000 scoville units. They provide tortilla chips, but you can also bring in your own food and some beer to try out the wares.

    1. I agree with Garbo's Grill - Delicious fish and shrimp tacos. Peppers is also neat to browse if you love hot sauce.

      You can basically walk most places but if it's extremely hot you'll want to rent a bike or scooter.

      The Conch Shop always gets mentioned here and I've heard wonderful things about it. However I've never been able to get there. They have limited hours.

      Le Creperie

      Garbo's Grill
      Paseo's - Caribbean

      For Dinner I recommend
      7 fish - needs reservations as it it is small.
      Pisces - Seafood
      Black Fin Bistro

      Late Night Dessert and Wine
      Better than Sex

      1. We walked most everywhere. Had a nice meal at Salute which was close by and the tapas at Louie's Backyard upper deck were good if pricey. Happy hour at the raw bars sustained us for 2 nights, shrimp, oysters etc and drinks at 1/2 price, both Alonzos and Half Shell were good. The French Creperie was good, had great baguettes. Blue Heaven had a terrific eclectic alfresco atmosphere with chickens on the loose, but my breakfast was cold and tasteless. Camilles for breakfast, lunch and likely for dinner was very good and moderately priced.

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          It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

          I've seen a lot of recommendations on Blue Heaven some rave about the key lime pie there. maybe that is the only thing that is good. Hah!

          Next time I go down I'm going to have to check out Alonzos and Half Shell.

          1. re: Sandwich_Sister

            When I was doing art shows in Key West in 2002 Blue Heaven was highly recommended by a number of locals I knew. I went there regularly until I got off the circuit in 2006. My meals (dinner only) were always inventive, fresh and delicious. Maybe things have changed over the years...that would be a shame.