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Aug 2, 2013 08:25 AM

Mt. Laurel for dinner and breakfast

Will be arriving tomorrow evening and need some suggestions for dinner. It needs to be casual with excellent food. No chains please. Also need suggestions for breakfast. No Crackel Barrel please. Thanks in advance.

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  1. We moved out of that area a year ago, but here are the restaurants we liked that are within a 5-10 minute drive of the Turnpike ramps.

    El Azteca for hole-in-the-wall Mexican (Rt 73 at Church Rd/Ramblewood)
    Pietro's for Italian and pizza (Rt 70 in Marlton)
    Redstone American Grill (Rt 73 in Marlton)
    (Both Pietro's and Redstone have a few other locations, but they're not really what I would consider "chains"...)
    Mexican Food Factory (Rt 70 in Marlton)

    For breakfast, I have no solid recommendations, but I would absolutely, positively avoid the Sage Diner. We had a terrible experience not long before we moved - they served us pancakes made with rotten eggs, and then handled the mistake very badly. The Marlton Diner on Rt 70 is okay.

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      I just saw this. Thank you for your suggestions!

    2. I have to disagree with Truman about the diners. I have been going to the Sage Diner for many years, averaging once a month or so. I have never experienced anything but above-average diner fare and excellent service. No exceptions, I stopped going to the Marlton Diner several years ago due to slow service and below average food. Now I just noticed your post was for meals in August. Hope you found something enjoyable.

      1. The Sage Diner is a disaster. The staff is very arrogant. The food is less then mediocre.

        I walked in there once with a mostly empty bottle of Perrier (water) I did not want to waste by leaving it in the car. The waitress told my I had to either dump it out or put it back in the car. I told her I was ordering coffee and milk for myself and that the Perrier was not in lieu of any drink I planned to order from them. She then told me to hide the bottle in my wife's purse. F--k them.