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Aug 2, 2013 06:27 AM

Inexpensive french near midtown for tourists on a Monday?

I will be heading into Manhattan soon for a bit of shopping. My mother has requested French food, but we will be in shorts and sneakers. The itinerary is Port Authority Bus Terminal, walk through Times Square, Rockefeller Center, St. Patricks, Macy's, and back to the Bus Terminal. Could someone please suggest a French restaurant in the vicinity that we would meet the dress code for? I would prefer to avoid the commercial restaurants in Times Square - we can get most of those at home, and are looking for food we can't get here, which includes French food. Hoping to keep it around $30pp. Thank you.

Edit to add: I also just realized it is NYC Restaurant Week when we will be there. I searched that website, and Brasserie at 53rd and Lexington looks amazing, but I'm wondering if going a little fancier would still work as tourists. Blouse instead of tee, possibly pants rather than shorts depending on weather.

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  1. That's a lot of waking if you are thinking about PABT to Lexington Ave and 53rd. La Bonne Soupe on the midtwon west might be something you are looking for.

    1. I am pretty sure Chez Napoleon will take you, but even the most super casual drawstring pants and dressy tee probably would be better than shorts no matter where you go.

      You might start at the far end of your itinerary and work your way back.

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        To O.P... FYI, Chez Napoleon.
        I am sorry it's all written in Korean, but please refer to the photos only.... LOL

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          Here's the link to the NY Times article about Chez Napoleon pictured in kosmose7's blog

          The article was written in 2008, for Bastille Day, and begins by quoting the chef: "Normally, we are closed on Mondays" -- so obviously you need to check about this Monday.

          1. re: barberinibee

            Wow! You are so detailed and considerate! :)

            It seems to be open on Mondays now though.

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              Yes, they are open Mondays. We were there on Monday last week. They close on Sundays.

        2. Chez Napoleon was my first thought too. You can't get more authentic French food than that. As long as you dress neatly, I don't think shorts would be a problem.

          1. If you feel like walking try Le Parisien a nice French bistro on E 33 just off Lexington.

            1. A Parisienne friend of mine says Jubilee -- a few blocks east of Brasserie, which BTW is not a favorite of mine -- is the best French bistro in NYC. They're known for their mussels and if you order carefully no need to break the bank. Informal is fine I suspect.
              Disclaimer: I've never been myself.

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              1. re: City Kid

                Funny, you mentioned this place because I was passing by this place last week and wanted to find out about it. Now I know.

                1. re: Monica

                  Yes, Monica, I've been wanting to try it. My French friend, who knows good food, says it is totally authentic! If you go please report back.