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Aug 2, 2013 06:19 AM

Is The Outlaw Cook Out of Business?

John Thorne's last newsletter is # 92, prolly 2-3 years ago; mid subscription for me. Website hasn't changed in a year or so. Site had for a long time the legend, "We are revising the site; check back with us", but I'm thinking that's like the sign we read on the restaurant door, "Closed for remodeling" and we return a month later to find a For Lease sign.

No news on Google...any Hounds have any clue?

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  1. He told me he's planning to end at issue 100. I think the last one I got is #94, at least that's on top of the pile.

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      Thanks for the info. But, I confess it isn't congruent with my last issue being #92; nor with the inert status of his website (100% stale content); nor with the fact that if you attempt to put your cursor on "Subscribe" it won't go, that is, the webmaster has disabled the Subscribe option, presumably reflecting a decision not to accept any more subscriptions.

      Dunno if by "he told me" you mean you were in a studio audience and asked a question, or whether you and he are buddies since Quincy, but what can you advise about his present condition? His writing is so direct, candid, that one imagines a "closeness" to him, an affection for him, and one consequently worries that the Sudden Silence means sickness or such.

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        There may have been a more recent issue with the announcement of retirement and a request to shift to electronic publication. I emailed him to say I would shift and asking him if he would like my mother's archive of Simple Cooking. (She was one of his earliest subscribers.) He did respond, but that was last January or February.

      1. The original comment has been removed