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Aug 2, 2013 12:47 AM


since I reviewed el burrito and this restaurant is right next door and I eat here (much more often than I want to), this is my take on chodang Korean restaurant.

apparently they've been here for at least 3 yrs, someone mentioned it in a post from 2010 but did not eat there. I still remember when I <3 country café and blockbuster were here, but times are a changing.

this is from my post on yelp:

cheap meat jun that tastes like cheap meat jun. that's what they're known for. under $5 for nice portion, but i'd rather have tastier meat jun.

everything else is meh and expensive for what it is.

i'd rather have yummy's (which should tell you a lot, not that yummies is bad, but it's fast food).

parking is horrible unless you park in the mall parking lot.

go on over to keeamouku st for some tasty Korean food. if you need a place to eat late at night, go to million or sorabol, they're much better.

unfortunately this has become my parents' go-to Korean place because they are suckers for the meat jun 'deal.' they don't even like the meat jun, or even necessarily order it, but mentally they are getting a good deal.

I admit their fish jun is good, and so is the milky white beef bone soup (I made this once myself at home and it is so much better just to order out for this dish, it takes hours and hours of boiling), but there are so many other places with better meat jun and better food in particular.

i'm all about

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  1. Thanks for the review Indel, I've been wondering about that place. Have you tried Gina's at Market City?

    It's kinda funny what people think of as Korean Food in Hawaii. In three years living in Seoul I never once saw Meat Jun or BBQ Chicken. Kalbi, Bulgogi, Bibimpab of course. But never Meat Jun or BBQ Chicken (nor did I see macaroni salad served as 'banchan')

    I agree with you re: maancgchi, very entertaining and informative.

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    1. re: KaimukiMan

      have not tried Gina's, will be on my to do list. I also want to try arirang which is across the river from the Dillingham dmv/kalihi pets/sugois, but they aren't open on sundays, which is when we go out as a group.

      I have heard from a lot of people that meat jun is local, and that the dishes which are so sweet here alike kal bi, are not as sugared as in korea.

      maangchi is the bomb.

    2. So, I went to Chodang today and I understand what you mean about the meat jun. It was mostly egg batter with hardly any meat. The soon dubu however was perfectly fine as usual. Prices were slightly higher than the $5 the last time I went at $5.49 for either the meat jun, soon dubu, or bibimbap. If that is how the meat jun is nowadays, I would recommend against getting it, but the soon dubu or the bibimbap are still a good value, especially when you consider the included banchan when dining in.

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      1. re: killersmile

        you're right, I was just mad about the meat jun not being tasty yet being their main draw.

        I still prefer the Korean places on keeaumoku. there is one place at the top of keeaumoku that looks like a Korean place, called ono kimchi, that is more of a 'health food' type takeout only. I didn't like it at all, it was a dry piece of fish on top of purple rice. but I still like million and sorabol.