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Aug 1, 2013 09:18 PM

el burrito 8/1/13

I've eaten here two or three times before, and found it to be ok.

I had a dental appt in the area and stopped by for a take out plate of a burrito and rice and beans. requested burrito to be hot/spicy as indicated on the menu.

when I got home ten minutes later, the burrito had not gotten soggy, good sign, things were looking up. the little cup of salsa was good, as was the side of guac. however the beans, rice, and bean and chicken burrito were flavorless. no salt or spices. jalapeno slices provided the heat, but I had been hoping for a hot salsa or sauce rather than just round cuts of pepper.

maybe this was just a one tiem fluke, so eventually I will get around to trying this place again, but in no hurry. I really want to like this place. parking isn't that great unless you park at the mall.

I have decided not to try this place again, as it seems an overwhelming majority of yelpers also describe the food as 'bland.'

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  1. That's too bad. When they opened 28 years ago we went weekly if not more than once a week. Since we left town we don't go. I am sorry to hear this.

    1. Once upon a time it was really good, but that was a long time ago. I stopped going when it got to the point that I could taste the can from the enchilada sauce, which means they were using only half a can at a time and the remainder was exposed to the oxidizing can (hopefully in the fridge) overnight. I miss it, they used to have really good Northern California Style Mexican Food.

      1. dental visit in the area and they work on thursday?
        my guess is high rise across the street next to the mattress place

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        1. re: macsak

          don't most dentists work each weekday?

 they're actually in the bank of Hawaii building at ala moana. it's the first time I've been to them and they're high tech, friendly, and professional. i'm getting at least one filling tomorrow afternoon.

          maybe i'll go to the food court for a late lunch. any recs? been awhile since I've been there.

          1. re: indelibledotink

            most dentists in HI have thursdays off
            i guessed that building on piikoi next to the mattress place since i think that building is owned by seventh day adventists, they have saturdays off and work sundays, so i figured they may work thursdays and take wednesday off
            that office has plenty dentists, so they cover all the days, i would bet
            i've know chris ko a little- good guy, i see he went to loma linda, so he may be SDA
            drs rosala and do i think i've met once each

            haven't been to the food court in a while, but i was at shirokiya a few weeks ago
            don't get the kimukatsu- was dry and mealy

            that little strip mall at the sears end of kona street has a eggs and things
            and i hear good things about the japanese market in the same strip mall
            the prepared foods come out around lunchtime