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Aug 1, 2013 09:08 PM

restaurants accommodating large parties without charging huge $$$ for room rental

Looking for Boston restaurants that can handle a party of 14-16 people on a couple of weeknights this month in an arrangement where we can hear each other. Not looking to spend $$$$ for the cost of a separate room.

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  1. Rendezvous. East Coast Grill. In Boston proper, possibly Brasserie Jo.

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    1. Blumie's suggestions are great. I particularly love Rendezvous: it has one long table at the front window for big groups (14-16 might be the limit), so you get the Central Square pageant to enjoy with their terrific food and wine and cocktails

      Other private or private-ish rooms at no extra charge? Tremont 647 (14 might be the limit), Davio's, most of the luxury steakhouses, Mamma Maria, Estragon, Stephi's on Tremont, Silvertone.

      You could reserve all of Bogie's: that would be kinda cool. Maybe the bar at Erbaluce, or the back bar at Stella. The sort-of private back area of 28 Degrees. The third-floor bar at Marliave. If you can make do with small bites, the rear bar at The Hawthorne would be mighty cool.

      If your crew were super-cool food nerds, you could take over Cafe Polonia, or a corner of the original Santarpio's, or the back room at New Shanghai, or the upstairs room at Vinh-Sun, or all of China King (and do five or six Peking ducks -- a ridiculous feast for very short money.)

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        I like all three of Blumie's suggestions - I'd add Dantes in Cambridge and I've often brought a large group to Dok Bua in Brookline for good Thai (not the best Thai you can get but consistently good with sweet service to match).

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          I've done the back room at New Shanghai. Also, downtown, Les Zygomates, Petit Robert Central all for no surcharge. PRC wasn;t bad given generally poor reviews here and generic pretend French bistro food.

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            "Central Square pageant"

            I've never heard it described like that, but it's an absolutely perfect way to describe what goes on there.

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              We went ot the Central Sq theater last week, and were waiting for Rendezvous to open, we sat on a bench to watch the "pageant" Interesting how it's really restricted to that 3-4 block stretch of Mass Ave.

              1. re: mkfisher

                one night when rendez-vous had just opened i was in there talking to steve and a "pageant" participant wandered in with an armload of leather jackets he was trying to sell. needless to say their provenance was dubious and steve had the toughest time getting him back out the door. lol. no, i did not buy a coat. :)

                1. re: hotoynoodle

                  Considering the BK was the main hangout of the pageanteers, I'd imagine that sort of into happened a lot early on

            2. Mamma Maria requires a minimum spend in a private room but did not charge for the room.

              1. will add scampo to the already very good suggestions. depending on your dates, you may be able to book space on their patio too, which is private, and not on the street, like so many others.

                1. The Globe on Boylston let's you grab the top floor for zero cost.