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Wines in the movie 'Reds 2' - Anyone?

Charles Yu Aug 1, 2013 07:12 PM

Of all the movies that I have seen with wines appearing or being mentioned ( eg., James Bond almost always order Bollinger ), the new Bruce Willis movie 'Reds 2' must involved the greatest and most impressive number and selection ( even more so than 'Ratatouille' )
I can remember the following wines appearing, being mentioned or drunk, Can fellow hounds fill in the rest?
1945 Chateau Petrus
1947 Chateau Petrus
A Montrachet
A 1847 (?) Chateau D'Yquem
A Margaux's Pavillon Blanc
Cannot identify the Red Burgundy.

  1. tim irvine Aug 3, 2013 11:13 AM

    I haven't seen R2 yet but loved the first. So I obviously can't answer the question, but the references in Bottle Shock were both plentiful and impressive. Of course that was also the plot.

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