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Aug 1, 2013 07:02 PM

Dinner options on the way to Saratoga from NYC?

Tomorrow we're driving up to Saratoga Springs from Brooklyn, with a stop at Woodbury Commons along the way. We want to have a low-key but good dinner somewhere pretty close to Saratoga (pretty much anywhere within 30 minutes of getting there from the Commons). I looked up some places in Saratoga itself but was thinking maybe there are some outlying places worth checking out, since are going to be on the road anyway. Ideal cost would be around $50 - $75 for 2 people (we won't drink much since we're driving), and my husband and I eat fish but no meat. Suggestions welcome!!

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  1. There're a lot of choices in Albany, about 35 minutes shy of Saratoga Springs, but you might enjoy Reel Seafood on Wolf Road, an easy stop off of I-87. Good seafood, raw bar, moderately priced.

    1. Certainly do not disagree with the recommendation about Real Seafood on Wolf Road. Would also throw into the mix Reds Seafood

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        Used to be Real Seafood, under the former owners, changed some time ago to Reel Seafood ( ). Reds is a good suggestion, great old place, but it's an hour south of Saratoga Springs, poster was looking for 30 minutes. Pasta Pane is good, too; there's always a fish special, and a number of non-meat pastas and pizzas.

      2. Certainly don't disagree with the earlier poster on the Real Seafood on Wolf Road. At Exit 21B on the Thruway, there is Red's Seafood Restaurant which has always been pretty consistent for a long time. You can't go wrong either way.

        1. Pasta pane in Clifton park is quite good and only about 15 minutes from Saratoga. Your diet is just like ours and we always have a good meal there. The owners have three other places in Saratoga too.

          1. You don't say if you want ethnic, but I'd highly recommend Karavalli and Ala Shanghai in Latham, just north of Albany.



            Both are very convenient to the Northway. Exit 6 for Ala Shanghai and exit 7 for Karavalli.